I don’t know why I’m doing this but I guess it could kill some time. Anyway, today was sunny – or clear or whatever – and I woke up earlier than usual: 9 AM. When I opened the door, my mum and dad were busy doing some cleaning in the kitchen. I went back in immediately because I know that if I come out, they’ll ask for my help…

Then, I go on my laptop and finish my story for my blog. By then, it was already 10 AM and my dad suddenly barged in. “Wake up!” he said, “It’s 10 o’clock!” He then went on and on about how ladies shouldn’t sleep until noon. My sister finally wakes up after my dad left the room and she also went on her laptop (we have no lives, we get it).

Overall, we didn’t do anything the whole day except for walking around the house and going on our laptop. I’ve finished my story and drawing and had posted it on my blog. It still gets me wondering on how to get people to be interested in my blog but I post things like people read them, anyway.

I posted 2 blogs (3 now) today because I was bored… I wish we could go somewhere during my winter break but money’s been kind of tight this year and there’s nothing in this country except for malls and malls and malls. I hope I’m still alive by January 8th.


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