Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas, everyone! Here’s the drawing that I’ve promised (above). Is it good? Leave a comment and give some suggestions. Leave some comments and suggestions for the story below; it’s sweet!

Everyone will go to town for Christmas this year. I wanted to go too, to watch the beautiful lights sparkling in the chilly air, the delicious cakes and the warm chattering of bubbly crows everywhere, as well as the melancholic carols that I hear every year. I’ll be watching the special Christmas Show that’s going to play in the theater and then I’m going to go to the town centre to watch the Christmas Aurora – it’s a series of light being lit up that will show a picture or a magnificent pattern. I’ll make sure this Christmas will be the best Christmas of my life…

“That’s my plan anyway,” I said, chewing on my meatball, “I’ll make sure there’s nothing stopping me from going.”

“Except your parents,” Emily remarked. That sentence hit where it really hurts. I glanced at her, feeling dejected and hopeless. “What? I’m just saying the truth,” she innocently said.

“I think that could be avoided,” I thought deeply, “I’ll do all of my homework, study what I need to study – especially for maths – and act all good so they’ll let me go!”

“That’s pretty good,” Emily mumbled.

“See? Nothing will go wrong!” I was relit in a second. That plan was obviously simple but effective. If I can prove my parents that I’m responsible and reliable, they’ll definitely fall for it. Well, I’m not saying that they’re so simple; it’s just that I’m not usually an angel. The reason that I want to go to town this Christmas is because there’s someone I want to meet.

Finn. Usually, he wouldn’t go to town for Christmas, but I heard that he’s going to go this year to watch the Christmas show and the Christmas Aurora. We didn’t have these before and according to the flyers, it’s going to be greater than the 4th of July. I had bought the ticket for the show and reserved a spot for the Aurora – all I need to do is come. I’m sure Finn is going to be in the places I’m going to visit. If I “bump” into him, I’ll just talk normally and go with the flow; it will be like a date!

That’s decided! I’m just going to call my parents that I’ll be helping them in the Christmas preparations. I took out my phone from my pocket and hit the speed dial. I brought the phone to my ear and listened to the regular pattern of the beeping. The phone finally picked up after minutes of waiting. “Yes?” mum picked up.

“Hey, mum,” I greeted, “I was thinking of helping –”

“Oh, you’re going to stay at home?” she asked.

“What? No, I –”

“Great! We need someone to watch the house while we’re out.”

I froze. Did I hear her right? They’re going out? No, maybe I was just thinking about tonight that I was hearing things. “Mother,” I said, “May I ask to repeat what you just said?”

“I said,” she repeated, “Your dad and I are going out tonight and we need someone – namely you – to watch over the house while we’re gone.” I was completely paralysed; it’s like I just read the news about the end of the world. “Anyways,” mum continued, “we need you to come home at seven sharp. Don’t sneak out of the house because we’ve asked Maggie to watch you from next door. Do all of your homework and study even if there’re no exams. Okay then, bye.” … and she hung up.

It felt as if my ears had just exploded. I stood up and strode across the lunch hall. “Where’re you going?” Emily asked.

“Cancelling my reservations,” I murmured, “and my ticket is in my bag – take it if you want.” I had never felt so down in the past fifteen years of my life.

Just then, he walked over to Emily, who was texting continuously. “Is she alright?” he asked, “She looked kind of pale, for some reasons.”

Emily looked up. “Oh, it’s you,” she said with a sly smile, “I need you to do something… for Chris, not me…”

* * *

It was doomsday. Mum and dad had left about ten minutes ago with their disgustingly happy faces and lavish coats. I could see Maggie in her living room from my room and she seemed to be enjoying my miserable life; she spent all her time smirking and mocking me with her smug look. I couldn’t stand her tormenting gaze so I went down to the living room.

The whole room was only lit up by the colourful lights of the Christmas tree. The dancing lights casted shadows around the room; it looked crowded with the shadows… but it was still lonelier than a wasteland.

Ever since I was a kid, I had spent Christmas with my family, doing all sorts of typical Christmas activities and eating homemade cooking. When I entered middle school, my friends were all talking about their experiences when they went to town during Christmas. Obviously, I got jealous so I pleaded my parents to let me out to town with my friends… but to no avail. Alas, I am doomed to spend the fifteenth Christmas of my life in the dark room lit up by the lonesome Christmas tree and the decorations from across the street.

I felt my head going round and round in circles as I began to close my eyes. I was about to fall into Dreamland… until I heard a knock on the front door. Who would come over? Did mum or dad forget anything? I walked quietly over to the door and peeped through the peephole; on the other side was a figure of a boy about her age, wearing a dark blue jacket and a black-and-white-striped scarf. His hair was dark brown and his skin was pale. For odd reasons I felt like I’ve seen him somewhere before, but where? Thinking back, I tried to recall the boys’ faces: Jack? No… was it Kurt? Not him… it’s Michael? He’s tan… Finn?!

I immediately unlock the door and gasped at my dream boy, who was standing with his nose red like Rudolf’s. His smile was as sweet as always and his voice was warm and welcoming. “Hey,” he greeted, “Merry Christmas.”

I was dumbfounded. Is this a dream? I pinched my cheek and squealed in pain. “Umm,” Finn looked somehow concerned, “Are you okay?” Is this fate? Really? Thank you, god! “Christine?” Finn definitely looked anxious, “Are you not feeling well?”

“Y-yeah! I’m good!” I jumped, “Why don’t we go inside? It’s freezing.”

“Thanks,” Finn stepped into the room and took of his jacket. I immediately took it and hung it on the peg… my peg! I was so excited and nervous since I didn’t see this coming. Finn seated himself on the sofa, his hands linked together.

I fidgeted and blushed before I finally asked. “Umm,” I hesitated, “why did you some here? In fact, how did you know where I live?”

Finn chuckled. “You might not know this, but Emily and I are childhood friends and she told me about what happened. She told me your address so I could drop by and, you know, throw a mini get together or something.” I never knew that! Emily and him?! No wonder she talked normally with him!

“Weren’t you going to town?” I asked, “I heard this is the first time you’re spending Christmas outside your house. If you don’t want to stay here, you can go now.”

“I’m doing this because I want to, and because Emily doesn’t usually do a favour for someone else,” Finn explained, “In fact, I’m just like you, but my parents allowed me to go this year – the years before that were failures.” I sighed in relieve… I could hear my heart thumping in my chest; it felt overwhelming and weird.

“Thanks,” I said, “for coming. And, umm, there’s something I want to tell you –” I looked up and saw Finn looking directly at me. His gaze pierced through my heart like an arrow. “N-nevermind!” I flustered, “It’s nothing…” How stupid am I?! I couldn’t just confess like that! I only talked to him during crucial times and we rarely meet; I had been watching him and always bumping into him coincidentally. I think he would think it’s creepy if I just blurted out my feeling like that even though he doesn’t really know me. If I had said what I was going to say, I think my body would explode immediately. Just then, Finn stood up and walked over to me. “Christine…” he began.

“Call me Chris,” I interrupted, “Everyone does.”

“Your names suits Christmas,” he gave a small laugh, “I want to give you something, something I had always wanted to give a long time ago,” I didn’t quite understand him, but I kept on listening, “Close your eyes; it’s a surprise.”

I wasn’t sure of what he’s going to do but I closed my eyes anyway. My heartbeat turns louder and louder every second. I could sense Finn approaching me, getting closer and closer… and I felt a sudden warm wave washing over me, and its center were my lips. This, I know, was the best Christmas of my life.


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5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Hey, you have a great writing style. It’s not everyday I will sit and read a whole post. (I have a picky taste in writing, it’s not that I am stuck up). Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more. 🙂


    amazing, no wonder u got a 7C. OMG that was like the greatest story I read in a month, and the ending. It was great; easily understood. A kiss? or SOS?! See the picture? Naah jk jk. It was a kis. That’s how I joke you know me! Don’t get sad or anything it was a great story.



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