So… good news?


I’ve been thinking about this story for a while now and I was thinking of making a manga about it. Yes, a manga!

Since I sometimes find myself tangled up in words, I figured that putting it in drawings would be much easier… and funner! Well, here’s the story:

A girl (Clair) is a delinquent… but she’s not a delinquent. Why? because she gets into fights and is a leader of a gang but she never skips classes and does everything for good. When she fights, she uses this mask to hide her identity so her status as a gang leader wouldn’t be a problem for her everyday lives.

However, her identity somehow got leaked and rumours began to spread everywhere – nowhere’s totally safe anymore. One day, she got surrounded my a group of enemies in an alley. While other pedestrians ignored her, a boy was watching her all the time. After a while, she thought he was going to save her… but he just gave her a thumbs up and walk away, smiling!

She ended up beating the group to pulp and found out that the boy is in the same school as her. She met him again on the rooftop… when he is about to suicide! Who is this guy and what’s his problem?!

Nice? Tell me your thoughts and give suggestions!


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2 thoughts on “So… good news?


    asisn stories..-.- naaah jk. i am not being racsist, i swear. that’s how i joke.


    asian stories..-.- naaah jk. i am not being racsist, i swear. that’s how i joke.

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