So it seems yesterday I posted some kind of mini journal. I don’t even know why I did that – I don’t really have an interest in writing my own journal (I like reading other people’s journal).

Moving on, it’s surprisingly quiet despite the fact that yesterday is Christmas. I mean, don’t they have an after party or something? It’s really awkward and I felt like nothing actually happened yesterday, that Christmas is ordinary.

Well, I’m not saying that it is but it’s just how I feel. As long as I know, everyone gets really excited before Christmas is even here, and then when the time comes they go all crazy and stuff. The day after that, all the screams and shouting are gone; it’s like Santa wiped their memory clean. In my case, I could go on for a week talking about Valentine’s Day (and how I’m still single and a virgin) and for Christmas… I guess it’s the same, but the thing I’ll be talking about will be how I’ll stay single for the rest of my life (I didn’t get any Christmas present).

Anyway, I’ve got some character designs for my manga. Since I forget things easily, I’ll post some bits of story and get some suggestions so I could make the story more interesting. So here are the 2 main characters:

(Note: The story is on the previous post (So… good news?). If you hadn’t read it, then do!)


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