Cutie Pie ♥


I know this is weird but I just have the feeling that I have to tell the world about my adorable little brother. Yes, he’s super adorable. He’s 1 year-old but he’s so smart, everyone in our family (including our neighbours and friends) think he’s a true genius. He would come to you if you call his name, he throws rubbish in the bin, he takes tissue if there’s a spill on the table and he knows how to use the computer (wow!)

If I tell him to kiss me, he will! He’s so cute I even gave him lots of nicknames and one of them is “Dumpling”; that’s because he’s round and white (unlike me). I call him “Joni/Jony” often because his name is Jonas.

Just now, he was taking pictures with my cell phone. Here’s the pic:


Good, right? Here’s also a picture of him:



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