Plan failed!


As you might have known, I was going to paint my nails on my right hand to match my left. Unfortunately, my sister wouldn’t let me use the nail varnish for some annoying reason that I won’t tell you (she said it’s going to be wasted even though she just bought them yesterday).

Really?! She wouldn’t let me use her nail polish just because of some stupid reason?! And she even “borrowed” my clothes, pants, shoes and bangs without telling me but she wouldn’t let me use the nail varnish?! What kind of sister does that? I’m so going to make an android sister who is much kinder and more modest than her – I actually had planned to be a doctor, but I just wanted to be one because everyone in the family is pushing that idea onto me (I’m actually smarter than my sister).

Anyway, since the nail plan failed, I’m just going to draw a picture for the New Year story. I’m working on the plot now. Remember the previous story about Christmas? I’m going to use the same characters but this time, the story will be told by Chris’s friend, Emily. This time, she’s going to tell some kind of back story on how she met Finn, which also happened to be in New Year.

There will be some things that weren’t mentioned before in the previous story and some truths! And I’m also planning on using these characters for every occasional/holiday story since I’m bad at remembering characters. Don’t worry – new characters will also come to make the stories interesting!

I’ll look forward on my story and drawing and also you comments!


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