The Oil Incident


Today, I’ll be posting a story based on what happened to me this morning. It’s pretty weird… but trust me, it’s real! I also put pictures along with the story, since I happened to have my phone with me during the incident. Well, enjoy!

The Oil Incident

Ever since last week, my mum has been nagging me on how I have a “one-track mind” and is a bit “slow-witted”, so she bought me this “Omega 3: Neptune Krill Oil” that’s supposed to make me smarter. Yes, she actually did. I kept on refusing on drinking it… until today, that is.

“You should drink it,” my sister insisted, as she held her pill.

“No way,” I protested, “We ran out of bananas and you know I can’t eat a pill without a banana. Besides,” I took a pill out of the bottle, “this thing smells like horse manure. I mean, who eats this?”

“I do,” and my sister placed the pill in the middle of her tongue and swallowed it with water, “See? It’s not that bad.”

“That’s because you can swallow a pill with only water,” I mumbled. I could only swallow pills with bananas; that’s because my mum taught me with a banana and for the record, my mum could only swallow a pill with a banana. I looked at the amber-coloured pill in my hand – its smell was sickening and its jelly-rubber shell was very thick.

Obviously, I decided to throw it away when no one’s looking… but even when my sister left the room, I couldn’t do it. It might be instinct or habit but I decided to break the invulnerable shell . For what? So I could put it my drink, of course!

I’ve seen it on T.V. before; you put something in your drink and you drink it, but you couldn’t distinguish the taste at all. I thought this idea might work, so I chewed and ripped and tear on the shell… but the “invulnerable” part of it was true. Just when I decided to give up, I pressed it on the scars that I left and then… splat! Oil spurted out of the pill.

It left a pretty disturbing stain on my shirt but never mind that, I quickly pored the oil into my glass of water. I watched as the oil spread itself on the surface, refusing to dissolve into the warm water. This is easy, I thought. I just have to drink it and then it’s over… wrong!

I sniffed the water and took a sip of it – it tastes just like how it smells! I couldn’t drink it, not in sixty years! “I need another plan,” I said to myself. In a split second, the box of teabags in front of my eyes sparked my brain to life. That’s it! I could get rid of the smell and taste by using tea!

So I went to the kitchen to get a teaspoon and a jar of sugar. I ripped open the English Breakfast Tea and dipped it in the oily water. Then, I poured four spoons of sugar in and stirred well. Unfortunately, the oil was still visible, but when I tasted it, it tastes just like tea!

My plan worked! In the end, I managed to drink the oil with the tea and have a normal day without oil disturbance… except for the fact that I had to change my shirt because of the oil stain.

The end! How was it? Weird, right? Leave comments in the comments… box, thingy.


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