Holy Macaroni!


Sorry… I forgot all about the post since I was helping my mum in the kitchen (it was a very busy day). Okay, so here are some of the things I wrote on my list:

*Lost my iPod USB cable (but I found it again)
*Dropped my iPod (but it was okay)
*Left my bag inside the classroom before assembly even though I’m not supposed to
*Not say “thank you” after asking the teacher a question
*Confessed to my crush and acting all weird around him afterwards (awkward…)
*Keep on forgetting to put my shoes on the shoe rack
*Took pictures with my phone during break time even though I’m not supposed to
*Did my maths homework in break time
*Talking during class (it was my first time!)
*Not installing Dreamweaver CS3 when I really needed it for Social Studies
*Forgot to put Wonder Girls’ newest song (“Be My Baby”) even though I’ve been listening to it on Youtube

Those were the main points – the rest were stuff like “yelling at my baby brother and now he’s scared of me” and they were not important. Actually, the biggest mistake I’ve made this year was the confession thingy (yeah… it was really awkward and I kept on screaming whenever he tried to talk to me). What’s your biggest mistake this year? Comment below!


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