Baking… baking?


As I said earlier, I was going to bake cookies or stuff… but it turns out my mum baked brownies already! And again, my plan failed (somehow) but at least we have something to eat for New Year!

I was going to post the picture but unfortunately, my phone disappeared somewhere in the house (thanks a lot, Borrowers!) and I was going to post the recipe but I also lost the copy of the recipe that my mum gave me! Seriously, I need to get an exorcist to my house!

The brownies that my mum made weren’t normal brownies – they use black gluttonous rice powder instead or rice. This is why the taste is… peculiar. If you were here with me, you would know what I’m talking about.

All went well for today and I could have posted this earlier but my internet was being such a baby it stopped working. Tune in for the next and last activity for New Year!


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