SM – You’ll see my wrath!


Lately, I’ve hearing about Super Junior’s – nicknames SuJu – break-up. Why? Because they’re too old, they say. Are they too old? No!

I know they’re nearly 30 and stuff (except for Kyuhyun; he’s still young) but look at the others!

*Brown Eyed Girls – JeA, Narsha and Miryo are 30 while Gain is still 24
*After School – Kahi is 31 and JungAh is 28
*Shinhwa – All the members are 30+
…And they didn’t even have a major issue to this day (except for Shinhwa…well, the leader stated that they’re not going to break up yet)

See? It’s not only SuJu! Why is everyone thinking that they’re too old to be a K-Pop idol? Is it because they really want them to break up? Do they hate them that much? Well if they don’t, then don’t post stupid rumours!

Fine! If they did break up, they’ll be a legend, just like Sech Kies, g.o.d., Baby V.O.X., S.E.S. and H.O.T., and soon you’ll want them back and start saying “Oh! I wish they didn’t break up!” Yeah, that’s right! You’re going to regret it!

Don’t worry, I’m sure they won’t break up soon. They’re too awesome to do that, anyway. Long live SuJu!


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