I’m so sorry; Happy New Year!


First of all, I want to apologise for not posting the calendar yesterday. I couldn’t help it; I didn’t feel well and fell asleep until 11 o’clock. Now I think being a girl really sucks at some points…

Yeah, so I’m sorry for this year and I’ll do better next year.

Anyways, for the sorry gift, I’ll give you the first part of the New Year story! The next part and the picture will be posted tomorrow and I hope you’ll enjoy the story. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave comments and suggestions!

“Here,” Chris handed me a palm-sized gift box wrapped in sparkling red wrapper, “For what you did on Christmas.”

I stared at the box, and then I looked at her. “I never did anything that deserves a payback,” I replied.

“It means a lot to me,” Chris insisted, “It’s a lucky charm I got from C-Trust. It’s cute, trust me.”

I looked at the box again; judging from its looks, Chris naively bought the “lucky charm”, since she was not so smart to begin with. I sighed – finally giving in – and took the box anyway. “Thanks,” I said.

“By the way,” Chris continued, “Finn and I are going with the others to a New Year party. Wanna come?”

Seriously? And all my hard work had gone to waste. “Aren’t you supposed to spend your time with Finn alone?” I asked.

“Well, if I prevent him from going, he might get annoyed and if we’re always together, he might get bored of me and stuff, and…” Chris blabbed on and on about her insecurities and I ended up listening to her, even though I wasn’t really listening. She’s just simple and innocent so she still needs my guidance. What about Finn? He knows plenty and I know he wouldn’t mind spending time alone with Chris… since he had always liked her.

Come to think of it, how did all of this started? Ah, yes; it was three years ago, at the New Year get-together…

I didn’t want to go that time but my mum somehow managed to drag me over to Mrs. Archibald’s house. It was an ordinary house, with two storeys and a decent amount of decorations. The place was loud and humid, sweaty and noisy people everywhere and some idiots with their crazy acts – long story short, I hated that place.

Apparently, my mum and Mrs. Archibald were close friends and Mrs. Archibald happened to have a son who’s the same age as me. “Oh my! Little Emily,” Mrs. Archibald squealed, “You’re just as beautiful as ever!” – And you look as annoying as ever, I thought – “You look more and more like your mother!” – Of course; I’m her daughter – “My, my! Your dress suits you! You look like a princess!” – Really? That’s the best you can come up with? – “You’ve grown so much…”

“Thank you, Mrs. Archibald,” I faked a smile and acted all nice. That’s how I’ve always been, and it’s stupid.

“Oh, right,” Mrs. Archibald talked on, “I want you to meet my son, Finn.” A handsome boy appeared behind Mrs. Archibald. His eyes sparkled like dew on a fresh lawn and his smile was honest and cheerful… it’s disgusting.

I smiled back. “Nice to meet you, I’m Emily Dawson.”

“I’m Finn Archibald,” he greeted, “My mum had told me a lot of things about you, so I guess I’ll be the one who’ll be talking.” Mrs. Archibald and mum laughed at his remark; I “laughed” too, it’s polite to do so. However, when I looked at Finn, his look somehow knew what I’ve been acting in the play… and so the dark days began.

It turns out that Finn went to the same school as me and planned on going to the same high school too. I found it rather creepy at first, but then I realised my position was the same as his so I let it go. Ever since the New Year get-together, he had been talking to me like I’m his close friend even though he never knew about my true thoughts about him, and I thought he was the most annoying guy I’ve ever met.

The day I finally snapped had come suddenly. It was at lunch break after the music lesson and he was talking about this singer I don’t even like. “His style is so elegant,” he explained, “The way he plays the cello was amazing. He’s a real genius, he’s got talent and…”


“What is it?” he asked.

“…Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP!” I was absolutely the worst, shouting at him because of something like that, “I mean, really? Stop talking on and on like some kind of aristocratic loser! Do you know how annoying it is to listen to you blab all day about things I really hate? ” There you go; I’ve said what I wanted to. The breeze was calmer than me that time and the chirping of the birds sounded like they were jeering at me.

Finn stayed silent. “Anyway,” I rambled on, “I don’t want to see you again, got it? You’re annoying!” Immediately, he stood up and walk past me.

“Fine,” he said flatly. He was out of sight after that. I sat down and leaned on the cold concrete wall. I didn’t have to vent it all out at him, but I couldn’t help it – I’ve been living a lie all my life and I just couldn’t play the role of the perfect well-raised little princess anymore. Gazing at the sky, I remembered some things that he told me before, though I don’t really care about what he says most of the time. There was one time he said something important on the first break we spent together. What was it? “I only do things I like, actually. I’m only going on and on about these because I’d like to see the real you,” something like that…

…Did he really say that? I wasn’t really listening to him most of the time so I’m not sure if he really did say that, but there is a possibility. Judging on his behaviour, he really did do some things his parents would be displeased with and his way of talking about annoying stuff… means that it was so I could show my likes and dislikes?! Come to think of it, when we first met, he seemed to know that I was faking it too!

Why didn’t I realise it sooner?! I bet he hates me, but if I apologise to him then there’s a chance that he might forgive me. If he suggests some twisted things then I’ll find a way to bear with it… somehow. I rushed to the door and slammed it open to find Finn standing right in front of me. He was smiling slyly and he reached out to poke my bare forehead. “You’re so slow,” he chuckled.

“Wai – what?!” I flustered.

“I clearly said it but I knew that you weren’t paying any attention to me, so I just played the annoying guy all this time,” he explained, “So, what are you going to say?”

I felt a wave of humiliation coming from him that moment; I didn’t dare to say the embarrassing things I wanted to say, but it could prove him that I’m just some prideful girl with no shame so I just kept it brief. “I’m sorry for barking it all out and stuff and sorry for ignoring you and I’ll be nicer next time. There, happy?”

“Well, I accept all of it except for the ‘nicer’ part,” I didn’t quite get him so I tilted my head in question, “You don’t have to change yourself. I’ll take you for what you are. For someone who’s actually cold, you’re pretty warm inside.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“It is.” At that time, my view of Finn changed completely and I trusted him more than before, more than anyone else… that is until we entered middle school, where we met Christine Banks, that Finn and I to drift apart…



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