New Year Story part II


So here’s the continuation of the New Year story! Unfortunately, due to the New Year preparation and cleaning up, I couldn’t finish my drawing so I guess it’ll be late (sorry). Anyway, enjoy the story!

“Hello, my name is Christine Banks,” she introduced herself. Her sandy blond hair framed her face, making her look years younger than she is supposed to be, and her rosy cheeks make her even more childish.

I looked at her from head to toe – everything about her shouts out “I’m totally innocent”… it’s too bright to look at her. Moreover, she’s my neighbour in class. “Hey, I’m Emily Dawson,” I said in a monotone voice.

“Umm… let’s get along with each other for the rest of the year,” she timidly said. Seriously? And I thought she wouldn’t want to talk to me, mainly because I know I don’t look friendly at all. But I think this will be interesting; having her as my friend would paint my world with colours and cute shapes, so I just took her in because of that purpose.

I smiled “sweetly”, my purpose still stuck in my head. “Sure, let’s get along.”

Truthfully, I was pissed off for not being in the same class as Finn but having her as a friend was also fun. We had so much in common, starting from favourite singers as well as likes and dislikes in food and fashion. I could talk with her for ages, which I had never done before in my life. To make it brief, I’d say she’s awesome.

It was nice being with her but as time goes by, I realised I haven’t spent much time with Finn. The only times I saw him were in the morning and in the cafeteria during lunch time. I felt guilt rising up from my heart but I did I saw him with some friends and he seemed to be fine, so I let it go. But one day, Finn suddenly came up to me.

He said that his friends were on errands for the teacher so he was left alone to entertain himself with whatever he had. “I insisted on helping but they said they didn’t want to drag me into their problems,” he explained.

Talking to him like this… somehow I felt overwhelmingly happy and warm inside. “Well, I did say to choose your friends carefully.”

Finn let out a small laugh. “Yeah, I’m such a loner…”

“Emily!” Chris rushed over to us carrying two cans of iced coffee, “You do realise the vending machine is all the way across the building.”

“It’s payback for sharing my textbook,” I said flatly, taking one of the cans and opening it.

Chris looked at Finn with wide eyes like she had just seen a ghost. “W-who is this?” she gasped.

“My friend,” I said while drinking the coffee, “Chris, this is Finn; Finn, this is Chris.”

“Hey, nice to meet you,” Finn greeted.

“N-nice to meet you. My Christine name is Banks.” The conversation fell silent at once. I knew that she’s dumb but not to be this dumb…

Finn burst out laughing like a madman. Why is that? He had never done that before, it had always been small laughs. Did he think she’s pathetic? He finished laughing about two minutes later. He looked at Chris adoringly. “You’re funny. I like you.”

Chris was shocked. I was shocked. Chris looked so surprised her face turned red as Rudolf’s nose. What about me? I felt a wash of discomfort and a slight hint of anger. Why? The person he likes doesn’t concern me… does it?

Day by day, Chris started to talk mostly about Finn and her behaviour became weird as soon as she sees him; I think this is what you’d call a “maiden in love”. Finn seemed to be interested too, like how he asked how Chris had been doing lately and telling me to tell him about her interests and stuff. Honestly, I felt like dying. I should be happy and supporting them but instead I feel like shooting them both in the head. Why?

One day, she finally said it. “I think I like Finn… I think,” she said innocently.

I froze. I stood. I shouted. I left. I ran away. And I don’t even know why. Why?

Just when I didn’t want to, I met him on the way to comfort myself. “I need to tell you something. I think I like Chris. Do you think I might have a chance?”

This was great. I dashed through the crowd of students and found my way to the rooftop. I leaned back against the wall and sighed deeply. I acted like some kind of idiot. I should’ve acted like a friend but instead, I acted like a meteor just hit my home last night. Why?

I heard the door creaked open. “Emily?” It was Chris. She popped her head out of the door, looking anxious. “You acted weirdly all of a sudden. What’s wrong?” That’s it – she acted too innocent. I guess this was what pissed me off… was it?

“I know I’ve been talking about Finn a lot lately and I guess you’re tired of it. I’m really sorry.” I looked at her saddened face and a question immediately popped up into my mind:

“What do you like about him?”

Chris looked up, looking confused. “What?”

“I said, what do you like about him?”

Chris’s face blushed and she fidgeted. The long silence was unbearable but she finally spoke. “I… like the way he’s so kind to everyone. He’s also honest and tries to do so with his emotions,” – I was very shocked to hear this, but what she said was true – “And he has a unique way of speaking, especially with others older than him,” – that’s called “being formal”, you moron – “He eats like a noble man and he loves animals. Plus, he’s smart and he gives out a very refreshing aura,” – he eats like that because he is one, and what the hell does “refreshing aura” means? – “… And that’s why I like him.”

Seeing her all pure and weak like that… I immediately understood everything; why I acted like that and why I felt uneasy. I laughed at myself, realising how pathetic I was. “You’re so dumb,” I murmured, “So dumb that it’s mortifying…”

* * *

…”Are you listening?!” Chris yelled into my ear. I blinked several times and looked around. I guess I was daydreaming – or perhaps sleeping – all this time. “Geez… you’re so mean! And you’re the one who asked me in the first place.”

“Sorry, sorry,” I cheekily said, “I was just remembering something long ago.”

“Really? What?”

“The first time we met and stuff.”

“Oh, yeah! That sure brings back memories…” She’s just the same as ever. She’s still as frivolous as a three year-old, but that’s one of her good (or bad) points about her. A had was waving at our direction from a distance. It was Finn; he was here to pick Chris up. “Ah! Sorry, Emily. Gotta go, bye!”

“Don’t’ forget souvenirs,” I called back. Chris had caught up with Finn and they waved a goodbye to me, in which I waved back. It sure feels weird after dreaming about your past but it leaves you a good feeling for some reasons. I know Chris will be a good partner for Finn and I’m sure that Finn will take a good care of her. It all goes back to me now; I did love him, but I guess she love him more… and I’m happy if they’re both happy.


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