K-Pop Fandom


Recently, I read a page about K-Pop fandom. Apparently, every group have their own name for their fans like:

*Super Junior – E.L.F.
*Girls’ Generation/SNSD – S♥NE
*2NE1 – Blackjacks
*Big Bang – V.I.P.
*Wonder Girls – Wonderful
*SHINee – SHINee World

There were still more but this were the ones that interested me. Anyways, I’m the type to hate taking sides because of biased opinion so I don’t belong in any fandom. But really, I actually like 2NE1, Big Bang and SHINee at the same time so I can’t really choose a side. I heard that if you’re a fan of more than one group even though you’re already in a group, that means like cheating on a husband (I’m just saying).

I’m a fair person so I like sharing and stuff (this is because I have lots of siblings) and why can’t we just pick more than one side? I mean, you can still stay faithful to the other one… wait, does this mean we can stay faithful with our boyfriend while staying faithful with out husband? Gah! Now I get what they mean!

Well, I still love all of them and I can’t take sides because they’re awesome the way they are and in different ways too. So… which group do you like?


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