My “best friends”


Since I’ve already introduced my baby brother, I’m going to introduce my best friend, Sally. She’s really pretty; she has fair skin, big brown eyes and a nice smile. She plays with me often and had never pissed me off even once. She’s really popular with my brothers because they think she’s “really cute”… but I think I’m cuter than her (joking, joking).

There’s also Charlie. He’s also my friend but I’ve only known him for a year, but he’s a good guy. He doesn’t talk that much and he doesn’t really get along with other people well so I talk to him when he’s at his best mood only.

At first, they were kind of shy to have their pictures taken and posted on my blog but I somehow managed to take a picture of them while they’re doing their stuff. Here they are:



They’re adorable, I know. They’re the best friends I’ve ever had because they always agree to what I say (joking – it’s because they listen to my complaints about the world).


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