Shopping before school


My winter break finally ends tomorrow, and I was planning on spending it normally – staring at my laptop the whole day – but my mum just suddenly barged into my room and said: “Wake up! Let’s go shopping!”

At first, I thought it was such a pain in the neck but since we were shopping for my clothes too, I was okay with it. We went to Centrepoint, ate at Texas Chicken, went to the beach and got fishes, went to the Avenues and ate macaroons at Pinkberry. At the end of the day, I got myself 2 clothes and a full belly.

And to allow you to picture the situations, here are some pictures I took at the mall:

*Jonas in cat suit in the mall:

*Jonas and my sister:

*Macaroons and Pinkberry yogurt:

*…And Jonas with the macaroon box lid:

For the record, we left the house at 9 AM and returned at 9PM; that’s a full 12 hours! Now my legs feels like they’re going to fall off any moment… but it all payed off anyway. Jonas was so adorable since he kept on making weird but cute faces when we were at Pinkberry.

I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of my clothes because I had to prepare for school. By the way, I will post a story influenced by my school sometime next week, so keep in touch!


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