The show must go on!


I’m going to write about what happened in my class assembly and stuff so I won’t bore you guys to death. It was awesome and everyone liked it because it was funny. Here it is!

Everyone rushed to the backstage and discussed their play with nervousness and enthusiasm. Even though it was still break time and the assembly hadn’t started yet, I was shaking with both anticipation and anxiety. “Oh my god, I’m so nervous…” I muttered.

“Really? I’m not,” Tom said casually. That’s because you’re ginger, I thought. Well, the audience was one thing I was worried about but the story of our play was also some kind of problem. “I just remembered; Mr.Andrew’s ginger too,” Tom said – Mr. Andrew was our head teacher of Middle Department, which was from years six to eight – “I think he might get offended, somehow.” Just so you’ll know, our play’s theme was “stereotypes” and the story was as follows:

A ginger boy (Tom) wanted to play football with the others but the two boys, who were playing football, said that ginger-haired people can’t play football well, but they let him play just so they could see him lose. In the end, the ginger boy won the game and ya-da, ya-da, ya-da…

I thought it was pretty good but as soon as he mentioned Mr. Andrew, I kind of panicked a little. After we finished the quick run-through, we all had our special practice time. I watched Tom and the others practice their football skills, and I giggled to the fact that more people kept on coming to the football practice. Since I had nothing to do, I came up to my friend, Ali, and just have a little chat with him.

“Hey! Can I talk to you for a second?” Ali asked.

“Sure,” i answered.

“I just want you to know that you’re my best friend,” Ali started.

“Oh, thanks.”

“…And I know I’m just one of your friends, but I always change my best friend, and I had made all my best friends turn into a better person, if not worse,” – oh, god… what does he want now? – “I had known you for five years now and know that you’re a very shy person,” – that’s so true – “so I’m suggesting for you to join in the Middle Department Production.”

Actually, I had planned on doing it. “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” was one of the easy-going plays I know and I think I could manage to be in it; honestly, I was aiming to be one of the background characters because, as my drama teacher said, “the chorus has more singing parts than the lead”. I actually like that idea, and I can’t really sing well anyway.

“Yeah, I’m going to join,” I said, “I’m going to be one of the background characters.”

“Why not the Cowardly Lion? It suits you,” Ali remarked.

“What? No, that’s one of the main characters, and I can’t sing well.”

“But you have to sing in the audition.”

I froze. “Seriously? Ugh, I hate this…”

“Don’t worry, why don’t you sing? You’ll sound good.”

“I don’t know what to sing and I’m not confident in my abilities.”

“Trust me, just sing this: ‘We’re off to the magical Land of Oz'”

I hesitated and stuttered as I tried to sing. At the end, I finally squawked out. “We’re off to the magical Land of Oz…” i quietly sang.

“See? You’re good!” Ali praised. I was actually glad to hear this, since I actually get little praises form anyone.

* * *

Assembly started and we had to go backstage and get ready. I peeped in between the curtains to see the room flooded with students, and the front row reserved with important guests, like Mr. Andrew, Ms. Patricia and of course, Madame Vera. Ms. Estelle started off with a short introduction and Dima and Yasmin read their lines.

The first group came out; Anita, Wedad and Ali were dressed as geeks and nerds, talking about getting A*s in their reports. Then, Ahmed, Max and… someone (I couldn’t remember who it was) came in as the bullies. Believe it or not, they actually dressed up like a yankee out of a manga! “Oh my god! Yankees!” I gasped.

The second one was about a group of “evil” children who were smoking and tried to persuade two boys to smoke too. One of them left while the other joined them. Leah then came and told them that it was wrong… then the “bulldozer” came in. “What are you guys doing?!” howled Nourhan in a voice like thunder.

“N-nothing!” the boys cowered.

“What’s that behind your back?!”

“Umm… this is…”

“You guys…! Give me your planner – it’s a three day suspension!” And they all left with the boys complaining and stuff. Mazen then said his line and that’s when the third group came out.

We were the fourth and last group so we had a little advantage… but I was still nervous.

So, Mohammed dressed up as a girl and Hadi dressed up as the husband; the other Mohammed and Nasser were the brothers and Aziz was the baby (he actually brought an adult diaper with him). Their play was so funny, the whole room literally burst out with laughter. I wish I could be as good as them, I thought.

Finally – it was our turn. I walked up to the front, my heart hammering my chest with all its might. I took a deep breath and scanned the room quickly; eyes were fixated at me, telling me to quickly do my thing. “Here’s an example of a stereotypical behaviour,” I tried hard to sound composed and project my voice.

Tom and the others did their thing and on my disbelief, the audience actually laughed! I thought I was a real goner when I thought about how the play was so simple and short, but sometimes, it was the best option. “Stereotype is when you judge people unfairly. Think before you judge.” And with ttha, the assembly ended.

I felt a wave of relief and a hint of anxiety, since I’m not sure on what my friends thought of the play. Fortunately, they all told me a positive responses. “It’s was really good!” they all said. Well, I was expecting various of other responses but this much was already enough.

With just that, i gained a little bit of confidence, enough for encouraging myself to totally take the audition for the “Wizard of Oz”!


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One thought on “The show must go on!

  1. Just read this now. The Ali part!!! xD You made me feel that I came up to you for proposal or something. You literally made me laugh my A** off literally….SOS

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