Back and happy!


Hey guys! I know I have been on hiatus for about, what? A week or so? But everything happened so quickly and I was so busy, with the Science Fair and the audition. Speaking of auditions, I got into the chorus! I’d like to congratulate my friends who got the main roles, especially Ali who got the part as Professor Marvel.

And so, I watched the debut song of B.A.P. (Best Absolute Perfect), this new K-Pop group and I thought it was awesome! I admit I fell in love with Zelo, the maknae, after I heard his rap part and his curly blond hairstyle really suit him – he looked so cute! Check out the video here:

Also, I’m writing this story I thought of and I’m still in the middle of chapter one, but I’m planning on finishing it for real! I’ve decided to become a psychiatrist after a long thought, too; my brother said he wanted to be a doctor so it’s my chance to pick a path I want, and I chose to be a psychiatrist because it might help me get some research material if I’m writing a book in the future. Besides, I’m interested in mental disorders and such.

Oh, and I also watched a bit of Wild Romance, a new K-Drama, at my friends house and I thought that the story was kind of good… except for the fact that this dude look old and disturbing to be one of the main characters. Overall, it was pretty good.

Okay, i hope you guys learn something from my post this time (or not) and I’ll try to post something next time. See you!


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