The Wizard of Oz Choreography Rehearsal – Day 1


So today was the first choreography rehearsal, and I was really excited since I had never danced before (no, seriously; I’ve never danced before). Our drama teacher – and the one who organised the play – wasn’t the choreography teacher but it was a teacher from the BAIA (British Academy of International Arts), and she was awesome!

Truthfully, the warm-up itself was tiring, especially when I got muscle strains from P.E. the other day, but I tried to bear with it and managed to clear the warm-up without resting. We then proceeded on trying out the dance moves for the “We’re Off To See The Wizard”; the first, second and third part was so-so, but the fourth part was complicated. You see, you have to put right leg to the front, then do the left leg crossing at the back and ^$&^%@*&7632751JUYubiuhq%$^%42t bsiu76^%%64b… It was too hard for me…

But the teacher was kind enough to simplify the dance move and things got a lots easier, since now we just have to step and jump, like. When I arrived back home, my legs we’re sore and hevay but they were light again after I took of my track pants (wow…). I was starving so I just ate anything there was on the table and rested for a while. Also, I learned how to Shuffle (finally)! I was so happy, I kept on doing it for two hours! That was the first awesome dance move I learned; I tried learning the Moonwalk before but I had not talent.

So what was your first dance move?


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