Spring Holiday!


Starting next Thursday will be the spring holiday! You know what this means? I’m going to have plenty of time to post blogs! I’m dying to tell you guys about lots of stuff, like the blue laundry incident… nevermind…

Anyway, you know allkpop.com? It’s a website about all sorts of news about Korean. There is a Japanese website focusing on J-Pop too, called tokyohive.com. I was curious about Japanese media (I’m only interested in manga and anime) so I went to check it out. Let’s be honest – I don’t really like the Japanese singers. Whenever they sing, it sound anime-ish and the way they perform was also too cute. I don’t know what you guys think about J-Pop but I’m still rooting for K-Pop.

I don’t mean to be hater though; I still love Japanese culture and stuff (yay, manga!) but let’s face it – they act like cartoons. I’d like to see a J-Pop singer performing like a “real person” for once, with no frilly dresses or over-the-top attempts on being cute. Don’t stop making awesome manga and anime! We ❤ Japan!

Moving on, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now: I want a pen pal. We were talking about it in English lesson and I thought, “That must be real nice~”. I’d like to have an e-mail-exchange friend that I could tell my stories to, but then I remembered that you guys are my pen pals, because I tell you my stories and such.

Also, I heard Private Peaceful (a book by Michael Morpurgo) is going to be made into a film! OMG OMG OMG! I really love that book! Although my first Michael Morpurgo book was Escape from Shangri-La, I love Private Peaceful the most! The cast for Tommo was… well, I don’t know who the actor is (never heard of him, never seen him) but I have great faith in him. I’m also waiting for The Hunger Games to come out at March. I can’t wait!


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