Comic sneak-peek


Remember the story I told you about a long time ago, the one about the dude who was going to jump off the roof? I modified it a bit and came up with the main characters’ design. Here are the designs and their short flashback:

She picked up the old family photo and gazed at it for as long as she could. Now that she couldn’t utter a word anymore, she started to think that if she hadn’t refused the scholarship offer and just obeyed her mother, she would still be singing; at least she’ll still be able to sing as a hobby or something. She glanced at the pen and whiteboard beside her. “From now on, this will be my voice,” she thought. Placing the photo back to the drawer, she quickly stuffed her books, whiteboard and pen into her bag and swiftly walked downstairs and into the cold morning air, looking up at the sky to look for any speck of hope.

He opened his eyes to stare at the familiar grey ceiling. He didn’t want to go to school, but if he didn’t he’ll never be able to forget everything, and will always be shouldered with the “sins” he had committed for as long as he lived. He remembered the way she used to smile and told him that everything was alright, that she’ll always be with him, forever; apparently, reality was just a big jerk to begin with. “… I don’t want to see him today; I bet he still hates me. Think I’ll just skip homeroom again,” he thought. With that in mind, he set up the alarm clock to after homeroom and drifted back to deep slumber, only to be greeted by the haunting past…

It was the same silence as usual – cold and melancholic. It was still early and the alarm didn’t sound yet, but if he didn’t wake up and take care of him, he’s be sure that he’ll be dead in no time. They had been friends ever since they in their diapers and he considers him as his brother. At least he appreciated what he’s doing… unlike his own family. When was the last time dad watched T.V. with him? When did mum ever made him dinner? Did his older brother tutor him on maths? He got out of bed, washed his face and brushed his teeth, and get dressed neatly. After preparing his lunch – and his lunch – he set out to visit him, thinking of what he should talk about when he arrives.

The uniform was laid out neatly on her bed, her accessories on her desk, ready to be used, and she packed up her books too. There’s still about fifteen more minutes until he arrives. He didn’t need to do this for her, that’s what she thought, but if he didn’t come then she’ll better off dead with her sister. Now that she thought about it, she thought that it would be best if she stopped wearing her sister’s accessories and clothes and wear the things she’s supposed to wear, but that would mean forgetting her sister. The doorbell rang, and she dashed to greet the young man in the neat uniform.

What do you think? Send your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box!


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