The Wizard of Oz Choreography Rehearsal – Day 5 & 6


I combined the 5th and 6th day because they’re related.

We did a run-through with the choreography on the 5th day, then proceeded to the vocal training. Well, it’s not really a vocal training; he was just testing if we can sing the songs properly. It was not as hard as I thought when we were learning the song. In fact, I’ve already memorised all of the songs I needed to know! Awesome, right?

On the 6th day, we didn’t do any dancing and only singing. The teacher was the same: this balding dude I don’t even know. But a teacher from the Lower Department also joined in to help us with the singing.

At first, we just had to get the rhythm, the words and the timing right, and then we sang in Munchkin voices. I tried my best to make my voice as high pitched and funny/cute as possible. After that, the teacher chose the 6 people who were going to be the 3 Little Tots and the 3 Tough Kids, then chose 2 more to be the Town’s Father and the … Thingamajig (I forgot what he was called).

And last but not least, i got the script! I read thorugh it more than 5 times already and I couldn’t wait until we go through the whole play!


Also, we had to bring our own Munchkin costume. The teachers already had the ones for the Emerald City scene and the main characters’ and the didn’t have much fabric left, so they asked us to bring a plain bright-coloured clothes, pants, socks/tights and shoes, and make a hate that looks like a flower pot. It would be hard, but I’ll try my best!


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