Blame it on Mother Nature!


So today school was canceled due to the sandstorm or dust-storm or whatever-you-call-it. It was so weird in the morning; the sky was totally orange and we had to wear masks (the ones where you buy in the pharmacies) to school. It was also colder than usual, and the usual was chilly with a light breeze.

When we arrived, the security told us to immediately go to out tutor base. Our tutor base was the science lab and you can’t open it from outside-it has to be opened from the inside. Our teacher didn’t come yet so we had to wait outside the door, and waiting outside the door was pretty stupid because it’s outside and so we waited near the ladies’ toilet (it’s next to our tutor base).

More people came and they claimed to have heard the news that school was supposed to be canceled for today because of the thick dust. I don’t read, watch or listen to the news so I don’t know anything about this, but as soon as we got into out tutor base and went up for our first lesson (English), we were told that the Ministry of Health said that all schools should be closed for today.

Unfortunately, our school was too late on acting and most students stayed… but they didn’t last very long.

You see, in the morning, there were about 7-8 people (?) in our class. After the 2nd period, there were only 6 people and during History, the number decreased, leaving us with only four people in the class.

I wanted to go home too, so I secretly texted my mum and told her that school was canceled because of the sandstorm; a few minutes later, the taxi arrived to pick us all up.

We were kind of happy to get out of school, except for my younger brother no.1 – he said he was playing games with the teachers and he was upset because he was at a high level. Nevertheless, he started to play The Sims as soon as we got back.

We’re not sure if we’re going to go to school tomorrow but I hope not, because I really don’t understand the Geography homework!


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