Cinnamon bun


One of the things I like – besides myself, creme caramel and drawing – is cinnamon buns… or cinnamon rolls or whatever you call them. I rarely eat them because I just don’t know where to get them and when I do get my hands on a few, I’ll be so happy I even chew it. It just tastes so heavenly.

I wanted to make some but I’m an idiot when it comes to baking (I only cook dishes) and I once asked my sister, the master of baking, to make one for me but she asked me for a payment, and so I forget about even asking her.

I love them when they are the “normal” ones, with nothing on top of them, like cream or raisins (I hate cream – especially whipped cream – and raisins; they taste weird). Basically, I like it simple, just like I am. I’m not sure what to go with it but I always had chocolate milk, and it didn’t taste that bad – it was good, actually. I’m pretty sure that it’s actually supposed to go with coffee or tea…

So, anyways, what’s your favourite pastry?


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One thought on “Cinnamon bun

  1. I give you the are you f**king kidding me face. Cinnamon rolls are found at cinnabon. Let’s hope you give me the you don’t say face.

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