The second time…


I know I’m late but today was the second performance of the Wizard of Oz!

The first one was good, and we got a score of 7.5/10. The second performance was 8.5/10 – big improvement! The third performance, which will be tomorrow, will be our last and hopefully the best performance we’ve done. Plus, my mum and 2 of my brothers will come and watch.

The costumes were in a good shape (I was worrying over my hat since it’s made of paper). The make up was good… but there’s this little thing that somehow annoyed me.

There are, like, 3 make-up artists in the room. I went to the second one to have my make-up done. However, the second make-up artist was still a beginner and wasn’t sure of what to do, and she ended up giving me lots of eyeliner and REALLY thick eyebrows. Though I was kind of pissed off, my friends said that I looked “so Asian” with the make-up; I wan’t sure if I should take it as an insult or compliment…

Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to the third show. After that, I’ll tell you the details of backstage things and the weird/awkward/funny errors that happened on stage and backstage. Keep in touch!


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