About a week has passed


Hey! How was your summer? Did you go anywhere? I actually arrived back on the 3rd but my school started on the 5th, so I had a lot of preparations to do. We all rested as soon as we arrived and the next day I went to buy my new uniform (pre-IGCSE!)

When I went to school, I met up with my friends at the gate and they told me my class – unfortunately, I’m separated from them… again. Why does the school hate me?! They’ve only put us together once! *Sigh*… Well, at least I still have the others, like Ali, Mazen and some other people. Plus, there are 4 new people in my class and 2 new boys at my friends’ class, and I heard there are more newbies in other classes, too.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy or mentally roll my eyes because nothing much has changed, like how the school society is grouped. For example, there’s the Blonde Community, where all the blondes hang out and stuff. The group’s pretty much filled with Westerners or Europeans, most blondes but some brunettes. Then, there’s the “Popular” Community, where the “popular” people gets together and do… weird stuff; most of the things they do are very predictable (I don’t even know why I’m bothered to even judge them. What am I doing?) And then, there’s The Others, where me and my friends and some other people are. Honestly, being in The Others is the best, because you can talk to anybody without having a stereotype or being chained to certain friends.

The thing I’m most irked about is the Blonde Community, because whenever there’s a new blonde/Westerners/Europeans, they would immediately become best buddies in just around 2 days! And I worked for 2 years to have a good friendship with my best friend, and it all goes down the drain as soon as she moves to Canada. But at least I still talk to her via Facebook or e-mail.

Actually, the 2-days-friendship term also applies to the “Popular” Community, I think, because they would look all quiet and normal but the next time you see them, they would spat out the rudest of all comments. I go to an international school and don’t know much language except for English, and a bit of French and Arabic, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what they’re saying in their mother tongue. If they think I’m just a clueless Asian girl, then they’re underestimating me, because honestly I know more than I should (don’t ask).

In the 2 communities, some of the people aren’t that bad. I know some people in Blond and “Popular” Community. In fact, the Blonde Community is full of friendly people, and not at all a trace of those stereotypical jocks and cheerleaders you see on TV. The “Popular” Community are also willing to start a conversation when I am vacant and I appreciate it very much. And that is why you should not judge people by their looks!

From my circle of friends, I’ve lost 2 girls, and there’s 4 of us left; Tyra is leaving next year so I am going to lose my best consulting buddy. Out of everyone, she is the most experienced when it comes to social and love issues, and so I feel very confident in taking her advises. Tyra is also very loyal and supportive, and has a great sense of fashion – I’ve learnt a thing or two from our last time at the mall.

And so I welcome the academic years 2012-2013, and wish you all good luck in your coming days!


P.S.: I’ll try to post as many posts as I can through the years. Pray for me!

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2 thoughts on “About a week has passed

  1. Wendy Zhang

    i just thought of going onto ur blog all of a sudden XPPP and i guess u go on this thing more than fb….so yea I REALLY MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WANA SEE U AGAIN AND GO BACK TO KW8. :'((((((((((((
    wendy ❤

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