Where this is going


This has something to do with my story. I was just reading it over and found some mistakes that I have failed to notice before. So before starting to the next part, I am editing my story. Yes, I am doing it alone because I can’t afford to pay for an editor (hahaha!) but at least I’ll double – or even triple – check it, and it’s going to be free of charges!

And I’ve also noticed how I like to jump from one topic to another in my posts, and sometimes they’re just not related. Forgive me for this but it’s just a habit – I’ll immediately jump to another topic I find more interesting than the previous.

And so… I’ve survived the first week! It wasn’t as hard as I’ve imagined it to be, but the business class is just a room of monochromatic walls and soulless beings. Even the teacher gave an aura like premature death. DT have less people because the others prefer music; they think they don’t need to do anything in music but personally I prefer laborious DT over boring music. Besides, we get to bring back our work once we’ve finished. This year, we’re making desk organisers, the things with pencil holders and other stuff, and last year we make clocks.

My manga progress is going smoothly. I think Tobi is being such a douche bag, and meanwhile with Persona… pure suspense! Though I’ve only read Persona recently, but I’ve played Persona 3 game and I am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the film! Out of all the franchises, I think Persona 3 is the most interesting and the character designs are awesome. Why is it always the third? Everything is always the third… Speaking of films, I really can’t wait for Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, Ant Man, Guardians and the Avengers 2!!! I have a feeling that Bucky will still be alive, since the Captain America movie is called The Winter Soldier. Sounds familiar? You might have heard it in the comics…! Aside from the rumours – like Doctor Strange and other characters to be making appearances – I can’t wait for the brotherly fluff between Thor and Loki, though I just wish Sif and Jane would get away from the screen even for just a second!!! But most of all, I am anticipating for Tony Stark’s awesomeness. Seriously, everything about him screams awesomeness!

I like the Beatles and Queen, just saying. I can’t stop singing to Love Of My Life, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Blackbird and Yellow Submarine. Tyra and I sang Uptown Girl today in DT.Why am I saying this, anyway? Whatever, see you some other time!


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