October Frenzy!!!


Yeah, I thought myself dead, too. Who would’ve thought you’ll get 2x more homework once you’ve started pre-IGCSE? Hehehe, joking – I’ve actually become a master of procrastination (wow, I’m so low…), and I always find myself sleeping at midnight nowadays. Maybe I should make a better New Year Resolution list…

Moving on, this year’s school play is… A Christmas Carol! Except they call it “Scrooge!” in our school, probably because of copyrights, or something; the same thing happened with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat – they ended up calling it “Dreamcoat” instead. Unfortunately, I’m not in this play, this time because I missed the audition. Before you say anything about my new-found laziness, I actually didn’t know there was an audition because the letters weren’t given out and no one told me until after the audition, so… yeah. Why does the school hate me?! At least I can still enjoy the play… I always find that better than actually being on the stage, because you get to see the art forming in front of your eyes and stuff.

And I’m dropping that very long story I’ve been writing, you know, the one with Vega and his friends? That’s because I’m plotting something evil (hehehe… not telling) and so I’ve resolved to posting one-shots and other types of short stories, like how I used to do… Don’t. Say. Anything! To start with, I’ve written a story set in two parts. It’s called “The Scientist” and as its name suggests, it’s influenced by Coldplay’s song of the same name. The lyrics and the title of the song just made my gears work a thousand miles an hour, and I’ve been playing this story over and over in my head – I just can’t wait to finally weave it. And so… ta-da! Story made! Dunno, some songs are very inspirational that I make stories out of them. It’s really fun, actually; you should try it, too.

Aside from the stories, I’ve been sketching stuff everywhere – and what I mean by that is in my textbooks, workbooks (though those were mostly already erased), scraps of paper, etc. So if I can get hold of the awesomest of the sketches, I might try to upload it on my blog… and probably write a story out of it, just like how I did with my favourite songs.

So, who’s looking forward to Iron Man 3 and Thor 2??!! Oh, and don’t forget Ghost Rider! Sadly, Ghost Rider’s banned in my country but I think it’s on in my country of origin – *sigh* sometimes I just wish the country I’m living in right now isn’t too uptight about stuff. There’s also Ant-Man, Captain America and Guardians Of Galaxy. I’m also not sure about this but I heard Deadpool’s getting his movie. Let’s just hope it’s true!

Anyway, see you tomorrow – or something!


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