I’m evil!


I am not, okay! But I think  – everyone thinks – that I’m weird for liking horror things, especially if ti involves psychological themes (you know, madmen and psychos). I don’t know, it’s just… fun to read it! I also became the Master of Procrastination – not sure if I’m supposed to be proud or what. It’s mainly about homework because I can’t do homework before nine o’clock at night – I feel like it’s too early to do it before that. In the end, I sleep at around midnight. Well, at least I get afternoon naps, even though afternoon naps make me feel like jelly – do you get that feeling?

I drew this picture in my language class; we were doing our speaking test and I’ve finished mine so I had nothing to do but help my friend or do nothing. I also drew an unfinished camel; it’s gorgeous, I tell you! Gorgeous!

Whatever… so here’s the drawings, and I’ll see you on my next post!



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