We’ve been learning about Fairtrade products in Geography and I must say I’m in for it! Well, the farmers deserve most of the money since they’re the ones who’ve been working very hard for their crops. Our teacher made us taste a Fairtrade chocolate – Green & Black’s – and a Cadbury milk chocolate. I’ve never been a fan of Cadbury’s, actually, since their chocolates have lots of milk and sugar and it’s just too sweet for me, so I found the Green & Black’s chocolate appealing. Our homework assignment for this week is to make an advertisement – poster, video, anything – for Fairtrade chocolates.

I want to make a video for the commercial thing because I want to make a change of atmosphere so I went to buy a Green & Black’s chocolate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any after a whole hour (I checked) of searching the whole supermarket. Luckily, I found another Fairtrade product… it was Cadbury. From the first moment I saw the thing, I can already taste the milky chocolate in my mouth! The Cadbury thing is power chocolate for a cup of hot coca (I’m guessing); I’m not sure if I’m actually going to drink it. Nevertheless, I bought it, for Africa!

When I brought it home and showed to to my sister – after some explaining of Fairtrade to my parents – she seemed to like the idea of Cadbury chocolate powder. I guess she likes creamy stuff. At least there’s someone who’s going to drink it!

Oh, and we went to buy Dunkin’ Donuts because my brother said he wanted some – yes, he has some sort of sweet tooth. Weirdly enough, he eats everything (I mean everything) with mayonnaise. I wasn’t really interested until I saw the CINNAMON FLAVOURED DONUT! I picked that, of course. It tastes like cinnamon buns but harder and it has a thin, crusty glaze on it. I hated the glaze because it’s too sweet and it sticks to my fingers annoyingly, but overall it was amazing!

Now that I remembered, my winter break will start next week – that means more time for posts! And speaking of posts, anticipate for Christmas posts and rookieMANGAKA’s Anniversary Story on the 24th December; if you hadn’t known, that’s the blog’s anniversary. I won’t be going anywhere during the holiday, maybe except for a few visits to some places, but otherwise I’m free. Keep in track for up-coming awesomeness!


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