I shot a card, and I liked it~!


Yeah, you heard me! I went to the shooting range thingy-thingy with my dad and brothers today at 5 (because it opens at 5) just to try shooting. Since we were just beginners, we used air rifles… was it? I’m not sure on what we were using but it wasn’t a real gun, anyway, but my dad used a real one for his round of shooting.

It wasn’t that hard but it wasn’t easy. I had to aim between the “space” and look through so the rectangle thing is right in between the space. Oh, but you also have to aim the rectangle thing at the target. The target was just a piece of card with the circles on it – it was pretty small but it was set not so far away from my field of vision (I wear glasses and the lenses sometimes slip down and leave me partially unable to see). The bullets were tiny, so I had to be careful not to drop them whenever I’m reloading the gun – not that I’ll lose my grip, because that’s rare for me.

Everything was fine, until I shot the card and cause it to fall. Well, it was more like me hitting the thing that made it stay upright; I shot the holder until it broke, thus letting the card fall. Because of this, I got a new card. It was such a shame, though, because I thought I did really good on my original card – I can sense that most of the hits were near the middle circle. Whatever, I only had a few shots so I just shoot them and then got it over with. The results weren’t to my satisfaction, but at least it was better than my brother’s.

Next was my dad’s turn. He went to the range for more experienced and older people; this means requiring the soundproof headphones, bigger target in longer distance and real guns. We were in the waiting room and the sound wasn’t that loud, but then this customer went out and forgot to close the doors and it was deafening! No wonder they had to wear the headphones… From the waiting room, I could see some people shooting and their targets, so then that meant I could see my dad shooting, too.

Fast forwarding, my dad came out of the range and brought out his results. He only got two shots that hit the black circle – he said that he used to be really good, but he missed the practices for five months now. I did see how his gun recoiled upwards and smoke rising from the mouth; it looked so cool! Maybe when I have enough practice, I can use real guns and maybe even participate in tournaments, like what my dad did when we’re in our home country in summer holiday while he stays for work.

Have you ever gone to a shooting range?


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