Am I speaking jargon?


I feel like writing non-sense today so I decided to make myself a secret language. After some organising – which took me about 20 minutes – I finally came up with a decent language. The rule is pretty simple; start with the list of alphabets, then from A, list 26 until you reach 20, where you’ll start the next letter with 16 until 10, and then after that start with 6 until 1. You then just put the rest from the largest smallest to the smallest largest. If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, then I’ll give the list here:

A = 26 = Ts

B = 25 = Tf

C = 24 = Tfr

D = 23 = Tth

E = 22 = Tt

F = 21 = To

G = 20 = Tw

H = 16 = Sxt

I = 15 = Ft

J = 14 = Frt

K = 13 = Tht

L = 12 = Twl

M = 11 = Elv

N = 10 = Tn

O = 6 = Sx

P = 5 = F

Q = 4 = Fr

R = 3 = Th

S = 2 = T

T = 1 = O

U = 9 = N

V = 8 = E

W = 7 = S

X = 19 = Nt

Y = 18 = Et

Z = 17 = St

Do you get it now? I think the last part’s kind of confusing for you guys – there are two leftover groups: smallest (one digit) and largest (two digit). The largest of the smallest is 9, while the smallest of the largest is 17, so Z will be 17.

After sorting out the numbers, you put the most significant pronunciation, so like if the letter is 18, then its code will be Et (eight-teen). Some exceptions include 20 (Tw) and 12 (Twl) – this is to avoid confusion with similar sounding letters and long abbreviations (I’ve concluded that the longest set of letters would be three). 26 is Ts because there’s no 27 so it doesn’t need the X for distinction. 1 to 10 would be: O, T, Th, Fr, F, Sx, S, E, N, Tn. Simple? Kind of.

Since it’ll be hard to pronounce because of the lack of vowels so I’ve decided to put “i” after every number, so when I want to say “Hello”, it’ll be: SxtiTtiTwliTwliSxi (Zit-Tti-Tuli-Tuli-Zi). Speaking of pronunciation, here’s how you pronounce some numbers:

Ts = Ss
Tfr = Turf
Tw = Tu
Sxt = Zt
Tht = Thet
Twl = Tul
Sx = Z

That’s pretty much the difficult ones solved!

Now to the fun part! Try to figure out this sentence:

Fti TwliFtiThtiTti ElviNiTiTti

Note: This sentence tells you my favourite rock band.

Next, can you give me a message to cipher? Send me the message and I’ll read what’s in it!

Good luck, and don’t forget to give me the reply!


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