Try to sleep early… please!


Now that I think about it – and checked – Umbra is like a futuristic version of Avalon. Well, the story structure is similar and some things also held semblance. So, I’m not sure if I should completely drop Avalon and continue with Umbra, or continue Avalon as a time-killer. I’m not sure, because I’ve worked hard on Avalon, I’ve admitted, but I think I like Umbra more – just saying. The character names in Avalon are also cool, and I was planning on transferring the characters to Umbra when I’ve decided to drop Avalon. The best name I’ve came up with was “Armada Aimer” and “Skylar Lee” – “Armada” is in Avalon, but “Skylar Lee” is just a name I haven’t used; I was planning to use it in Avalon but I think it’ll be more awesome in Umbra.

Anyway, I’m still up at 1 AM because I’m getting some materials and writing (and reading some stories online) at the same time. Okay, so I go to some websites where people write their own stories and I enjoy reading them, because it’s fun; some of their ideas are just amazing and I feel like a krill among baracudas. To add to that, I also read at and (because I’m just that awesome). The fanfics are awesome if not absurd, and I enjoy some alternate endings – either because they’re cute, better than the real endings or an epic plot twister. Some will leave me feeling like there’s a thousand snakes writhing inside because some were just… genius!

If the real story creators were to see them, I just keep on wondering how their faces would be like… Meh, I don’t really care.

So I went out with my family (minus baby brother and mum) to the mall. My brothers went with my dad to buy a laptop cooler while my sister and I went to the arcade. She was reluctant at first but when we played Time Crisis, the dance step thingy and the air hockey, she got addicted and asked for another hangout there next week. Heh, who knew we could easily influence people with arcade games? “Video Games” was right – games are awesome if you play it with a close friend.

Now I’m trying to sleep earlier and finish work quicker so I won’t develop sleep disorders so before I go, should I drop Avalon or not?

Leave your thoughts – I need them!


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