Cake power!


Yesterday, I didn’t do any writing work – because I was bored and need a life – so I helped my sister make cake pops (mini cakes on sticks) just for the sake of breaking the habit. Truth, it felt weird spending girl time with her because we can’t go more than 5 minutes without bickering, but I guess we got better at being good sisters.

Well, I didn’t actually make the cake but I did some chocolate-melting and the finishing touches.



And since I didn’t have anything to do, I cleaned the kitchen – I washed all of the dishes (there was no room to wash the dishes in the beginning because there were just THAT much dishes) and I took the garbage out. At least I did sometihng useless rather than just sitting around, stirring melted chocolate!



When the cakes are ready to be decorated…




We dipped the cakes into the chocolate mixture (melted chocolate with cornflakes for crunch) and before the chocolate cools down, we quickly put sprinkles all over it. At first, my sister only put tiny bit of sprinkles but then we were like “Who the f*** cares?” and just coat them all with more sprinkles. And the results are…



Amazing! It tasted awesome and we were all kinda sad that it finished; I didn’t get to eat one when I woke up the next morning because I couldn’t wake up early enough to beat my brothers. Overall, it was fun to spend the day in the kitchen than sitting on your personal couch in your bedroom all day, writing and reading stories until 1 AM. So today, back to business!


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