They see me rollin’, they hatin’…


And I forgot to mention that today, I wore a red and black horizontally striped long-sleeved shirt which, if you replace the black with green, looks a lot like Freddie Kruger’s sweater. To top it off, I had the feeling like people were staring at me when I was at the mall; when we ate breakfast at IKEA, when we were in the arcade, when we bough gelato and when we were in the supermarket (I actually caught a guy staring at me; I tried to ignore it but when I look back at him, he was still looking). Was it my shirt? Was it my hair, because I went to sleep just after I washed it? Or maybe my face was a wreck? I don’t know! It felt really weird! I don’t understand how anybody can stand so much attention from strangers! It’s insane!


As mentioned before, I updated my songs, but truthfully I only added pretty old songs because I miss them. And when I played them without headset in my and my sister’s room, she was like:

“Why are you listening to old songs? Are you listening to rock? You’re so emo. And old songs are so lame.”

Okay – first of all, listening to rock DOES NOT make you an emo. Second, just because they’re old doesn’t mean they suck, like how I still love Nirvana, AC/DC and even The Beatles because their songs are awesome! Heck, I even listen to Mr. Sandman sung by The Chordettes because it’s catchy and fun! And if you have objections to listening to Broadway musicals musics then don’t even say it. If I were to compare it to some songs nowadays – I repeat, some songs, not all – I’d say my music library can beat the crap out of them. Except for Lady Gaga (monster stage charm)… and Beyonce… and Christina Aguilera… and Adele… pretty much those – you can never beat them… And I can’t help replaying some Justin Bieber and One Direction, only because their songs kept on playing on the radio. Seriously, how can they attract so many people at such a short time?!

It’s not that I really hate music nowadays, but it’s more like the music today kind of sound the same as one another. Like, club songs, dubstep, repetitive “I wanna have fun/party everyday/party because we’re young and we can’t do it when we’re older” songs, are just too mainstream. The doo-doo-bum-bum songs are not the only ones predictable but also love songs which have pretty predictable cheesy lyrics in them; it’s mostly like “Oh, this girl is so beautiful inside and out, and she’s like, the best thing I’ve ever seen” or “I am so sad because we broke up and stuff, and just imagine all the things we did/can do together”. What happened to poetic lyrics? Like:

The world is broken
And halos fail to glisten
You try to make a difference
But no one wants to listen

Hail the preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will be cloud
Then they’ll dissipate
Like snowflakes in an ocean

This actually touched my heart – it’s like poetry but sung in a very nice tune. See, this is the kind of song I like to listen to because it’s like all forms of art mashed together (not necessarily all – it’s language and music together to form a beautiful image in your head).

Moreover – I’ve had this opinion with some people so I’m not the only one – the music industries nowadays are kind of running out of song ideas and so they end up making covers of old songs or remixes. For example, f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger)” is a remake of “Razor” by Kristine Elazaj and “Hot Summer” is also a remake of the song of the same name by German group Monrose; Girls’ Generation’s “Dancing Queen” is a remake for Duffy’s “Mercy” – this song was supposed to be release in 2008 but they chose “Gee” for the promotional song instead due to copyright issues. And how many remixes have you heard in your life? Plenty to fill the attic.

Despite my rock preferences, I like some rhythmic songs too, like Flo Rida and other artists which I know not about (because I rarely check the music charts now). By the way, I’m still addicted to Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce – it’s hypnotising! K-Pop is always included – my life! – and ballads and souls are also nice to listen to at night because they lull me to sleep.

So what I’m saying is that old songs are not all boring and lame, and LISTENING TO ROCK DOESN’T MAKE YOU AN EMO – yes, this goes for you, my sister. I think the problem is that there’s not much originality going on in today’s music industry and someday, people might resolve to make covers for old songs instead, which might or might not be good. Well, that’s all, anyways.

What’s your music preferences?


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