USBs are useful!


I didn’t do anything productive today because I was out with my family today for the whole day, and I watched EatYourKimchi videos as soon as I got back because it’s really ADDICTIVE and AWESOME! And also it’s the 21st of December 2012 and we’re still alive! It’s like, we’re cheating Death or something – I feel like a freedom fighter…! Oh, but I promise to post a chapter of Deus Ex Machina tomorrow and a mystery post, so stay tuned!

We went to the arcade like we always do while our parents were shopping for household items, and I also bought a pink USB. I bought one to make a back-up folder filled with my works as rookieMANGAKA if one day Irene (my IBM laptop) will suddenly pass away, and I’ll have to get a new laptop – which I don’t like because I LOVE Irene like she’s my daughter. I had Irene since I was in 6th Grade and before it was my dad’s so you can already imagine how much older Irene is compared to me (I turned 14 on the 25th September, fyi).

Actually, after I got home, I heard that there’s this stabbing incident at the mall that I just went to and that the guy moved on to the next life – yes, I am not using that word unless in stories, because this is real and stories are stories (and I’m sensitive; easy to cry, easy to be happy and easy to be angry). It was weird because when we were there, there was nothing really going on in the mall;  it was just like a normal day where people come and go after buying stuff… who knew? My sister even showed me a video of the blood on the floor and stuff and it just scares me, because the country I live in is like an everybody-is-always-happy country where no one is supposed to carry around knives or guns. I don’t know what really happened but from now on, I should look out for myself and my family more.


P.S.: We were about to get a bear from Build-A-Bear but we didn’t because my sister kept on saying that it wasn’t worth it…(Sally wants a brother!)

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