rookieMANGAKA 1st Anniversary


Welcome to rookieMANGAKA’s 1st Anniversary! I created this blog and posted my first post in this day last year and since then, I’ve gained some followers and lots of likes from lots of readers. I really appreciate these things because it gives me motivation to continue writing stories and writing weird posts in my blog… Okay, so it’s mostly for writing stories.

I didn’t actually expect followers because I made this blog for my friends so they can rate it and tell me things to improve on and stuff. But later I found out that strangers also stumble upon my blog, read some stuff and liked it – some even followed me. At first I was like: “Who are these people? Are they my friends? Did they make an account?” I didn’t really know what to do with the followers at first but when I started to get likes, I was like: “Oh my gosh – these people like my posts?…Why? Oh, well; I guess it means my posts aren’t that weird.” And yay! I continued writing!

After that, I spent most of my free time researching for my stories and writing them because I find it really enjoyable. I love writing and drawing and I don’t want to drop it when I grow up, and there will be chances that I will grow up and become more linear and have to abandon writing for my future so before that happens, I’m going to pour my head into my pieces.

SPOILER: I decided to take Physics over Finer Art, and it breaks my heart…

For this day, I will post more stories; I’ll write the next chapter for Umbra and another chapter for Deus Ex Machina, because this chapter will be the turning point for epicness. SPOILER: They will hate Ace. Also, there will be other one-shots too – I’m going to post “I’m Not Okay” and another one-shot I’ve been writing alongside the others. SPOLIER: It’s related to The Scientist.

For tomorrow, I’ll still continue my writing because I won’t go anywhere, because I don’t celebrate Christmas. But I do realise that most of you do so I do things to make you happy – yay! So there will be a Christmas story for tomorrow and it will be special because I’ve decided to write it to make it more magical.

Happy holidays to you all and stay tuned!


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