I’m such a jerk…


So i haven’t been writing anything since I got sick in December and I feel like such a jerk for not doing anything. So on the scale of 1 to 10, January had been around 4. Firstly, there were two art competitions in which I participated in; the first one took place in… November? December? Can’t remember. And the second took place on 17th January. The results for the first one will be posted in March and the second one had begun its online voting on Facebook and when I saw the votes… I might kill myself. I got 2 – one from my friend and the other from anonymous – and two of the pictures got over 50 votes. Yes, I felt devastated.

Another crappy thing that happened was that I got a bad cold recently and so I couldn’t participate in the Sports Day practice because I had a killer headache when we were going to practice for sprinting and long jump. I wanted to do sprinting because it’s better than jumping over a pipe-thing you use for high jump, and I hate throwing gigantic toothpicks and mini cannonballs! I am still sick but not as bad as before. I’ve been taking my medicine and tried to sleep early (but I’m already used to sleeping really late, you know, because of school work), and I’ve also started to eat more veggies and fruits as well as warm herb tea. It’s still chilly here but not as freezing as last week – plus, I don’t have to wear my sweater to school; blazer and sweater makes it hard to move!

The Botball thing announced the game board and the volunteers for the board-building were planning on doing a bake sale to get money to buy parts for the game board. I was absent during the latest robotics club so I’m not sure what they’ve decided – I’ll ask my friends later. I also joined the Enterprise Competition, where I have to get into groups and make a business project in school. I’ll have to make the products and sell it and stuff, and the project that’s the most successful will be the winner, and they’ll have a chance of continuing the business in school.

Going to rookieMANGAKA, I have been doing writing exercises in my English classes in school and I’ve realised there were so much I didn’t know that I’ve decided to BETA some of my writings. Okay, so I won’t be BETA-ing all of them because I won’t have enough time; it’ll be nice if I were to have a twin, then she/he will help me edit some stuff and give ideas… Meh, I have four other siblings and weird friends, so I might as well start talking to them about my blog.

I’m not sure whether to write Deus Ex Machina or Umbra for the next post – what do you guys think?


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