God’s on my side…always.


These days had been the crappiest days of the history (I’m just exaggerating – they weren’t that bad) and I would feel like dirt everytime I wake up in the morning. Days looked as if a storm was lurking at every corner; my mind felt as if a house had just landed from Kansas, and my body was sluggish and unsupportive as ever. But what made me go on was the realisation that God loves me.

I’m not even joking – it really felt as if God was protecting me and making sure I was alright. Once, I forgot my Science exercise book and I was expecting my first detention ever, but somehow the teacher decided to not check our books. In fact, he was in such a good mood that he didn’t give us any homework! I was so relieved that, under my breath, I breathed out “Thank you, God…”

Another time was when I had my Qur’an oral test today. I completely forgot about it and I began practising at my breaks. It felt like it wasn’t enough, with the noisy environment and my nervousness – I would’ve gone to the library if ir hasn’t been moved to the other building. When the lesson started, our teacher gave us five minutes to revise the lines. Miraculously, I memorised a majority of what o had to know, and I got a score of eighteen out of twenty.

I used to think it was because of my amazingly good luck and coincidences, but whenever things like this happens I felt like o was blessed and being taken care of. Things like this had happened before, and because of that I am very sure about the fact that God takes care of His followers, and so I would continue to thanks Him for all the things he had done.

…Oh my gosh, I just realised I sounded like an old preacher! Well, I was only writing this to share my experiences and vent out all the emotions, so thanks if you’re reading this.

So, have you ever felt so lucky in your life?

– rookieMANGAKA

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