Sunshine? What sunshine?


If you might not know, I love playing video games (if you’re one of my friends, I bet you’re already ripping your hair off from the amount of times I’ve been ranting about games). Usually, I’d play Japanese RPG games because I feel like I’m inside the story, and one of the ways in which I could escape reality – the other ways are reading, writing and drawing. Another type I like is fighting games, like Tekken and Naruto, because I love how each character have their own unique style of fighting and the epicness of the storyline.

Some of the games I like are:

  • Persona 3 Portable (because you can play as a girl and there’s choices in which guy you can date)
  • Ib (Garry is such an awesome guy)
  • The Witch’s House (mind-blowing ending!)
  • Mad Father (why can’t I just have a happy ending?!)
  • Heavy Rain (trust me, you’ll love the characters and the storyline’s amazing)
  • The Walking Dead (I cried at the end)
  • Naruto fighting games (because I love the manga, and I love the characters’ fighting styles)
  • Yu Gi Oh! GX DS game (as addictive as the anime)
  • Silent Hill games (because!…it’s fun, I guess)
  • To The Moon (must…not…cry…!)

Gaming is one of the reasons as to why I don’t go out that much – I spent the whole day replaying Persona 3 Portable because it is just addictive. Aside from gameplay and storyline, I also appreciate the soundtrack of the game. I think To The Moon has a very touching and beautiful track list and P3P’s songs are also nice to hear.

Aside from gaming, reading can also make me prefer darkness over light. I’d usually read stories written by users on the internet, usually romance, action, fantasy, sci-fi or adventure. There had been some amazing stories that I just can’t forget even now – some made me laugh, cry, itching to punch the character’s face, or feel insects under my skin. I read online stories because I can’t buy good books in the country I live in; the books here are either old or boring autobiographies, and a majority of them are not in English. But once a year, the school would issue a Red House Bookclub thing where I can buy books from England, and they also have book fair with up-to-date books and comics (yes! Comics! American and manga! I bought the Avengers, Thor: Son Of Asgard and Bleach this year).

What irks me the most? When people don’t take care of their books properly – e.g.: opening the book too wide or making dog ear folds at the corner of pages – and when people deletes of overwrite my save file in my favourite game…in which my brother had successfully done, twice. Thanks to that, I have to start from the beginning for my P3P, and I can feel myself slowly slipping into insanity.

So, what games do you play?


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