World Depression Day!


Yesterday was my mum’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Mum! I love you (even though I don’t really say it)!

That aside, today’s Valentine’s Day, also known as World Depression and Desperation Day! Come one – I’m right. The people I know in my year have at least one rose from someone what how many did I get? None! Well, I kind of expected that…but it still hurts! Plus, a boy in my year (Jared) called me “low”. Okay, so it started with us talking about dates and stuff and Jared’s friend was like “You can’t take Nour because she doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day; you can’t take Tyra because she’s taken. Why don’t you try [rookieMANGAKA]?” Jared looked at me, laughed and said:

“My standards isn’t as low as her!”

Fortunately, my friends supported me and drove that jerk away. At first, I was determined to spend Valentine’s Day normally but after that incident I’ve become more depressed. It’s not that I like him, it’s just…anyone would be hurt if someone says that, right? Meh, at least I have a reason to insult him, then.

Also, to make up for no roses, my friends and I did a “Crisps Cocktail Party”. Basically we bought every flavour of crisps there were in the canteen and then mix them together so we can eat all the flavours. It made up for the previous events. (My friends are the best!)

Other news: the Botball Competition thing is going to start soon! We’re nearly finished with the robots and Dr. Dan (one of our supervisors) will participate in managing the team’s visas and plane tickets, make the practice game board and making the team’s own t-shirts. I’m not sure if I’ll go or not because the fee for the trip is kind of high in my point of view, so I might consider it. Besides, I can still go to the next competition next year and next year I’ll have more chance to get picked into the team, anyways – that will be an excuse for going, rather than going just for the sake of it. I’ve learned some more programming and it’s really interesting; I’ll keep my position as a programmer next year, too.

There will be a Spring Fair at my school on Saturday 16th February and I’ll be going because I heard there’s going to be arts and craft place, hair braiding, face painting, and throwing pies at our teachers. Yup, it’s nearly Pie Day.

Sports Day is next Thursday! We did relay practice yesterday and now my thighs feel like they’ve been shredded. Oh, and we’re not doing long jump or javelin this year because our headteacher said it’s too dangerous. Maybe something happened during one of the practices, but don’t you think high jump’s more dangerous than the two of them? No? You’re not my friend, anymore!

For Valentine’s Day story, I’m posting Deus Ex Machina chapter 8 and a story I wrote for my English class, which involves the theme “Family Relationships” [WARNING: Contains hate]. Maybe I’ll pitch in a love story but maybe I’ll be too depressed for not getting any cookies, chocolates or roses today. But I’ll try! It’ll be a one-shot – “Cleansing Cream”! Yay! You know, “Cleansing Cream” by Brown Eyed Girls? It’s a Korean girl group; the song is beautiful and the music video is very symbolic. I’ve give the link to the video as well as Simon and Martina’s review of the video at the bottom.

So, did you get anything at Valentine’s Day today?


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