Walking on a weekday and Irene’s brother


Yesterday, my family and I went to this carnival/show thing at the Green Island because…well, they were selling the tickets! I didn’t really want to go because I was planning on starting making porcelain dolls for the Enterprise Competition or write more stories but I decided to come because I need more exercise. The show was kind of disappointing because of the lack of excitement and action in it, like the magic show only showed table and hand tricks while the circus skit was only juggling. Even the Crazy Dunkers were pretty much doing the same tricks with the basketball over and over again. But I did get excited when seeing the dinosaurs because hey, they were robots. The sound effects for the dinosaurs were funny because most of them sound like car alarms. Nevertheless, it was awesome because Jonas is extremely terrified of clowns and moving things that are not living (e.g.: giant robots dinosaurs), so we were having a difficult time getting him to the exit, which was next to the dinosaur place.

Before that, I went to an awesome Indian restaurant for this awards thing. Remember that art competition I mentioned before? The Landmark Art Olympiad thing? I think I didn’t mention the name but that aside, I won! First place! And I got a new laptop! How awesome is that?! Even though I have Toshio now (it’s a Toshiba and I’m pretty sure it’s a boy) I won’t abandon Irene (my ancient IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T61 laptop that I got from my dad), so I’m using Irene for school stuff while Toshio stays at home. The problem right now is that Toshio is completely blank – he hasn’t got an OS (Operating System). I was thinking on just giving him Windows 7 but my brother insisted on giving him Windows 8. Oh, and Irene will get her new battery! Yay!

I didn’t actually expect to win first place because I’m such a pessimist, but God loves me and he weaved the thread of fate so that I was the one who won. Thank you so much, God – I love you!

I wish I could show you all how Irene and Toshio look like but my sister lost her camera and so I couldn’t take a picture. I just hope she didn’t leave it at the island. Meh, whatever.

I’ve been having problems in continuing Deus Ex Machina because I’m not sure on how to bomb the enemy without killing my soldiers; in other words, I don’t know how to develop the story. It’s not that I haven’t written anything for chapter 9 – I wrote most of it – it’s just that I don’t think it’s that exciting. I’ll just see on what you guys think about it. Until next time!


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