Peaches are fuzzy!


On 25th March 2013, is the first day I ate a peach. Yes, my first peach. It was so weird – like, I don’t know, riding a bike for the first time. I might be exaggerating but eating a peach had been my dream ever since I know what a peach is. It was similar to the first time I ate raspberry, blackberry, cherries and blueberries – it felt so surreal, like I wasn’t really eating them. It was…oh my gosh, it was really new to me!

So yesterday my mum bought a plastic of peaches from the supermarket because she wanted to eat some. I was, like, “OMG! Mum, are those peaches?” And it’s weird how everyone else was acting so normal about peaches except for me.

First,, I took the peach from the fridge.

Then, I didn’t know what to do next because I wasn’t sure whether or not I should peel the skin (it’s fuzzy), but then I remembered my friends eating peaches with the skin on so I did just that. I washed the peach so it’s safe and clean to eat.


I couldn’t decide if I should eat the peach whole or cut it but I decided to cut it because I’m still inexperienced. But when I cut it, the middle bit was infested with the seed – you know, the brown stuff in the middle? It was also kind of fuzzy!



I cleaned away the seed and fuzzy stuff and I finally got to eat the peach! It was sour-y and sweet, and the skin was nice to chew. At first, I felt weird because of the fuzz but I started getting used to it. From then on, I’ve declared peaches as one of my favourite fruits.

What was your experience on eating something for the first time?


P.S.: I injured my hand so I can’t really do anything – in fact, the doctor told me not to type. But I still do anyway. With my right hand only. I’ll tell the whole story soon!

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