I’m.posting this from my phone so if the format’s not right, I’ll fix it later.

So in in the hospital right now. Yay. Truth, I don’t really like it because hospitals are full of syringes, scalpels, nurses, doctors and sick – or dead – people. But sometimes it’s fun because when you’re sick you’ll get puddings and, if you’re lucky enough, get to ride in the wheelchair; they let me ride the wheelchair after I cried when they put the needle for the IV in my right hand (it was going to be in the left hand but they had to pull it out when I thrashed a lot).

But in in the hospital right bow be use of my hand. It’s nothing serious (or so I think) but it’s.just that it won’t heal as anyone had wanted. Before, they told me to bandage it and change the bandage regularly but I’ve stopped doing that since yesterday, just to see what will happen. The pain is still present after a week even though the swelling had decreased a little, so we need to the specialist. The orthopaedist.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with my bones, but the doctor said to see the orthopaedist so…okay, do what the doctor says.i don’t what they’re going to do or what will happen so…pray for me.

See ya!


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