Iron Man 3 was awesome!


Sorry this was late! There’s only one week left until the finals and I’ve spent most of my time studying and stuff, you know, student things. I did write stories in my spare time and I drew some things too, and I have stories to share but they’re pretty old – bear with me, please.

Weeks ago, I went to watch Iron Man 3 with my dad and siblings. I was supposed to go with my class but I went to this art competition closing ceremony – it was not worth going to. In the end, I had to plug my ears whilst the whole class, including the teacher, talked about how awesome Iron Man 3 was. I was upset, to be honest, but my dad promised to take me the next day. And so we went!

I love the film – really! There are some changes in the film, like the Extremis virus, Aldrich Killian being such a badass, the Mandarin being just a fluke, Rhodey being the Iron Patriot (where’s Norman when you need him?!) and Pepper getting the virus. There are still more differences but I guess these are the main ones. But overall it was very enjoyable, especially that fighting part at the pier…harbour…thingy…I’m not sure what it’s called, actually. But there are lots of cranes (machines, by the way) so I guess it’s a harbour? The part when Tony was changing suits while battling Killian was really epic, especially when he jumped and the suit opens up to catch him. The whole suit battle was really amazing and more than once I nearly leapt out of my seat and cheer. Pepper was pretty badass, too, and I wish she’ll just keep the virus. Yes, Pep, your superpowers really suit you.

The funny moments were memorable because I just love Tony’s witty remarks and his ridiculous (albeit awesome) mannerism and most of the other character’s personalities like Rhodey and the Mandarin. Oh my gosh, I love how the Mandarin was such a lovable drug addict! Okay, I know it sounds weird but let’s face it – he was ridiculous. I still couldn’t fathom on how he hadn’t realised people were being killed. I mean, he shot a guy! How did he think that was green screen? Another mystery to be solved… Oh, and I like the Avengers and Thor references, and especially the end with Bruce.

Even though the movie was full of mind blowing scenes, I was kind of disappointed in the ending because: 1) Tony lost his trademark Arc Reactor. 2) He threw it out to the sea. 3)He destroyed all of the Iron Man suits. Okay, I get it – it’s the Clean Slate protocol, but yeah, i was kind of sad. But my friends reassured me that there will be sequels and Tony will still appear in Avengers 2, so I think the writers are having something big in mind. God, i just don’t know what I’ll do if I find out that Tony is really abandoning his “Iron Man” title! But I know he never will, and that’s the only reason I haven’t done anything to whoever is in charge of the Iron Man movies.

Next up will be Thor: the Dark World which will come out in November and Captain America: the Winter Soldier which will be in 2014. Speaking of Winter Soldier, I hope Bucky’s not really dead, and I miss Natasha and Clint. And when will Bruce get his comeback? Oh, and I heard there will be The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Ant Man!


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