CL is the Baddest Female!


The tile is saying the most obvious thing ever so I’m not sure why I wrote it. Everyone don’t have to really be reminded that CL is the Baddest Female in the K-Pop circle – but then, there’s Lee Hyori, but you know what I mean. If CL and a lion were to be put in a ring, the lion will roll over and lick her foot before CL even blinks. See? That’s just how awesome she is!

The K-Pop image of female idols is that of the cutesy-elegant-I-am-so-pretty image, and it’s just so overused that I don’t dig it anymore (but CutiePieMarzia pulls odd the cutesy image really well because she’s just so sweet!). And then 2NE1 comes around and then I was like “Ohmigosh! My eyes – they’re blinded by 2NE1’s badassery!” Seeing their I-am-your-leader-now-kiss-my-foot image was really a doze of fresh air for me. I get it if you don’t really like the image because some people like femininity more than liberty, but I guess I like it.

The problem with the image is that it has become somewhat of a stereotype for YG artists. It’s not like I’m saying that all of their artists are like that, but GD shares a similar wacko theme to CL’s music video. I guess the difference is that GD is a boy and CL is a girl – joking, joking. The difference is that while GD shows the quirks of being a better individual, CL – while similar – leans more towards girls and how awesome they are. But still, YG generally promotes the idea of being different from other people and the feel of self-confidence.

Now regarding the song: should I tell you my first impressions or the later effects? Well, I should tell you that the song didn’t really grab me in immediately. I don’t hail from this style of music so it was a while until I start liking it. The part before the chorus was the most upbeat part of the song and I like that, but the verses and the chorus itself was not that encouraging. Like the part right before the chorus, I was expecting some more blast before another burst, but the chorus then popped the balloon. At least the end part made up for it – I like that part. By the time I like the song, I guess it was alright.

To see CL’s MV of “The Baddest Female”, it’s below here:

What do you think of the song and concept?


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