Man of Steel – Review


Since today is the last day for my exams (yay!), I went to watch the “Man of Steel” as soon as I finished my test. Overall, I love the film because it was just packed with imagination, action, drama (the feels, bro!) and of course, hot Superman. Seriously, you can’t deny that Clark looked really good in everything he wore in that film.

This version of Superman is more dramatic and full of action compare to the ones I have watched, which was the “Superman Returns” and the old ones from the olden days…you know what I mean. The CGI – I assume what you call them – is really well done, and the music score and style of directing is creative and makes me feel the emotions I needed to feel. SPOILERS ALERT: like, you know that part when Clark was in the ocean and he thinks about the past; it’s made to be like that to create a sense of wisdom and strong-hearted-ness (if that’s a word) upon Clark, since he is, after all, an outcast who had grown stronger through his bullying experiences. And that part when Clark and Lois see each other off before Zod’s crew come to pick Clark up, when the scene before just cuts off to that one – it creates a feeling that there’s no time to say goodbyes, that everything happens in a rush and no one has time to process their feelings. And the way the staring contest goes:

Look at those eyes – da feels, bro!

Another thing I want to point out is the explosions. Stop. Exploding. Every. Tiny. Seconds! I was sitting at the very back of the theater – the very top seat – and it was a little bit to the right, and that was where one of the speakers were. So every time something goes off, it would feel like an inner earthquake that would continue for what felt like hours. I don’t blame the movie though, because the explosions are the main elements of awesomeness – enough said.

Next: though the only funny part I found was the end where the girl captain (forgot her name) said she thought Clark was “kind of hot”, I think the shameless product placements of Nokia Lumia are marvelous to say the least. I’m not saying it’s bad – just saying I found it funny. SPOILERS ALERT: the part when Zod’s spaceship is seen, you can see that Nokia Lumia is obviously in the limelight. Also in the Zod’s message scene – in plain sight, bro! And also when Perrie calls Lois, how it’s the distinctive Nokia ringtone and how the screen is on close-up. Not the first time I’ve seen shameless product placing, but the seriousness of the movie was what made me think it was funny.

I just love this scene – she was like “It’s on my phone too!” and then points out the Nokia Lumia 925 in the middle of the screen.

SPOILERS ALERT: As for the story: I just love Jor-El and Lara, and Jonathan and Martha Kent for being the best parents. They’re all really badass and understanding and super, because what would Superman be if not for the super parents? He wouldn’t have that glorious cape and wouldn’t get a chance to ride an awesome spaceship. And I love how Martha was all like “Go to hell!” to Zod – gotta love her!

So I think the next movie review will be on November because that will be when “Thor: the Dark World” and “Catching Fire” will be released, but if there’s a good movie, then maybe I’ll review it. Also, note that I don’t usually get all detailed about reviews – it’s just that the explosions really rocked my brains, and I can still see the fight scenes behind my eyelids.

Well, enjoy you summer, guys! Be safe and stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “Man of Steel – Review

  1. There’s very little humor or joy in this Superman story.

    • Yeah, I agree. It’s really easy to watch the whole thing with a very straight face from the first second to the very last. Still, a good film though. 😀

  2. What lesson did this Superman teach the world? If an opponent wants to kill you (and your puny little earthlings) and won’t compromise, you must kill the opponent, even if doing so destroys his entire race forever. This is the human way, to cause extinctions. For example, our ancestors probably killed off the entire Neanderthal race.

    • So it’s more like “be a hunter before being hunted” thing. I agree that it’s a human thing to cause extinctions, because us humans have the mind and sensibility to predict what will happen in the future if we don’t act in the present, and we have the intelligence to form a plan to keep ourselves alive. Even if it means extinction of a race, the drive to keep living is what clouds our sympathy for the others, and also our superiority against the other living beings – such as having better mind and physical capabilities – is what makes us ignorant and arrogant. This is the case between Krypton and Earth in “Man of Steel” as how I interpret it. 🙂

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