Cold hands and feet


I’ve always been aware of my cold hands and feet. It doesn’t actually bother me, but during winter my hands would feel numb – detached, I guess is the most accurate feeling – and it makes them hard to move and hold things such as pencils and many more. Even during summer my hand would stay cold – if I stay in a room with AC and then step out into the warm air, my hands would still be cold but it will warm up after a long while. Most of my friends have warm hands and only two would have cold hands. Even my mum and dad notice that my hands would feel cold even at home. As about my feet: I would use woolen socks to sleep because my feet would feel cold when I wake up the next morning (or noon).

In medical terms, I read that this is common for women; around 15% of women would experience this. It’s because the heat in women would be focused in the centre of the body, mainly the uterus. This is because when the woman carries a child, the child can still stay warm in cold temperatures. Aww, isn’t that considerate of God? Of course it is! I’m not sure if men also have cold hands because I don’t hold hands with guys…you know, because…umm…it’s awkward…and…I’m fifteen, okay?!

In superstition terms – and by the way, I believe in superstition because some sound legitimate – people with cold hands have an introverted personality but they’re actually a real sweetheart inside. The introvert part is true in my opinion, but not sure about the sweetheart one.

But in my view and extremely incorrect definition, a person with cold hands is someone who’s very far from reality – a dreamer and surrealist, to summarise it. They may not do or talk a lot but their mind is going a hundred miles an hour, thinking about the impossible and the thin possibilities, thinking about new ideas and ideas that make them think. Though they may push others away from them, they actually very caring, and all those empty curses are there out of whim. They’re dreamers, lovers and individuals, though a secreted one.

I’m not sure which one you wish to believe in, but I still don’t like waking up to numb hands and feet. It makes bathroom trips all the more unpleasant in the middle of the night.


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