Failure, I’m not!


So I just got my report card and guess what? I got straight “A”s! Hooray! Well, that’s except for Drama, but no one actually cares about Drama, except for those Performing Arts enthusiasts. Anyways, I got an “A*”s in Physics, Art, English 1st Language and Islam, and I’m really proud of myself for achieving such good grades with little to no studying! You heard me right – I didn’t really study for the end of year exams or for any other exams for that matter. I only spent about twenty minutes reading through class notes in the morning. But I guess if you pay really close attention in class and do well on your homework and revision sessions, you don’t really need excessive study for tests.

I’d like to thank my teachers for doing a marvelous job in teaching me all the things I need to know, my friends for being the best references and study partners (in break times we would study, like test each other on stuff) and for my parents for being supportive and inspirational. And I’d like to thank the internet for aiding me in homework and many other things. Hey! I don’t plagiarise works, okay! Just for references! Really!

Now that I’ve won, I have to think of a way to spend my reward, but all I want is just some books and comics, and maybe some drawing equipments or a new handbag. Okay, so maybe that handbag is worth the reward because the handbags I’ve seen are like 11 KD (put that in your currency converter and see how much that is in your currency), but then again 11 KD is not a grand reward. Maybe I should think about it more.

And now that will be the last post about Year 9! September will be the first month I’ll be in Year 10, and stay tuned for the upcoming school year posts!


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