Summer Movie Reviews!


And I’m back! After a two-month hiatus, the first thing I’m posting is some crappy movie review. I did write stories but it’s not the continuation of Deus Ex Machina or 365 Days. See, I copied the files onto my sister’s hard drive but for some weird electronic reasons, they disappeared. To fill in my boring days, I decided to write come other story; I didn’t continue with Deus Ex Machina or 365 Days because I didn’t have the unfinished chapters with me in the summer, and I don’t want to start something I already started. I won’t be posting this new story in my blog, though, but I’ll consider it.

That aside, I watched a couple of films during my time in Indonesia, like Monsters University, Pacific Rim and The Wolverine, and I also watched The Great Gatsby on my plane from Jakarta to Dubai. And since this is already September, I am waiting to see if Rush is already out and if I’m allowed to watch it (but let’s just face it -I’ll watch it anyway). Aside from Rush, I’m also waiting for Thor: the Dark World and Catching Fire, and I’m still rooting for 2014 for Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Oh, and I also saw that City of Bones is being turned into a movie.

Anyways, here are the movie reviews:

  1. Monsters University: I love Monster Inc. and I was excited to see the prequel to the movie. I didn’t really know what to expect from it but I think the movie was a ticket for a break from the action movies I’ve been watching. We get to know how Mike and Sulley first met and how they come to work at Monster Inc., and I didn’t expect them to be, uh, not so friendly with each other (I’m trying to not give out spoilers – am I doing well?). The animation was great – who am I kidding? It’s Pixar! – and the story line was not so cliche like I expected it to be (I didn’t expect the thing near the end – you’ll get what I’m saying when you’ve watched the film), The story mainly revolves around how Mike is not suited to be a scary monster even though he tried harder than others, and also Sulley’s fall from his podium and how he wants to get back on it. It’s sad that Boo’s not here but, well, she didn’t exist yet, I suppose. If you want a classic family animation film, here’s the one you can watch with whoever you want, and I guarantee you you’ll like it!
  2. Pacific Rim: It’s like Godzilla meets Eureka Seven, but worldwide. For an action film, it’s great, what with the amazing CG and fight scenes. However, I feel like the story was kind of rushed and some parts were not explained in much needed detail to build up tension and excitement. Most of the story was explained in actions or very short dialogues or voice overs, and I’d like this movie more if they would add more dramatic character screen time. Not getting what I’m saying? Let’s just say that it was impossibly super easy to convince a traumatic ex-fighter to get back to the battlefield. Truthfully, I expected more panic attacks and nightmares, but nope -t he protagonist was frighteningly enthusiastic about possibly getting killed. So if you want some mecha-action movie, you’re looking at the right direction here.
  3. The Wolverine: I’ve always liked superhero movies, especially ones with humour and awesome plot. This movie is not your regular “I’m a superhero, I can fly and shoot lasers and I fight for the good of the universe” kind of superhero movie, but the element of heroism is still there.  We’ve seen Wolverine’s origins in his previous movie and now the sequel is set sometime after X-Men: the Last Stand, where Wolverine is now living in caves and walking around small towns to buy survival materials like some creepy hobo. Appearances aside, Wolverine got to travel to Japan, where he meets an old friend, meet a new lover and battle against his own mortality. That friend was a total jerk, to take it lightly. Anyways, this film is amazing – good plot, good stunts, good setting.
  4. The Great Gatsby: I think there is somewhat a trend in Baz Luhrmann’s films. Let’s list it down: glamorous movie setting? Check. Dashing and deeply lovestruck guy? Check. A beautiful but dumb girl who thinks the world revolves around her only? Check. Someone dies in the end? Check. These properties are present in Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby. The last time I saw Leonardo Di Caprio in a Baz Luhrmann film was in Romeo + Juliet – he looked more youthful in that film, whereas he looked more manly in Luhrmann’s latest film. And I feel sorry for him for dying in both films, too. And why does he have to love some dumb rich girl who would eventually be the death of him? I mean, Daisy was practically a little ballerina doll with a head dull of golds and diamonds who was married to a really rich guy who won her love with more golds and diamonds. And she’s already a mum! It’s not that I’m bashing her, it’s just that I think Gatsby deserves a better girl, And I think Gatsby really needs to move on from Daisy. Characters explained, I like how Luhrmann included some of the dialogues from the book in the film (I read the book and I remember some of the texts) because it shows that he’s really sticking with the original story rather than altering it. By watching this film, you’re already reading the book, I guess. But for the overall story, it’s just some other dumb romance films that haveno happy ending. But it’s still worth checking out.

And there you have it! Have you watched any of these films? If you did, what are your personal opinions about the film(s)? if you haven’t, which film(s) do you want to watch and why?


P.S.: It’s good to be writing again!

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