First two days of school?


Today was my second day at school. And there is one word I can use to describe the two days I’ve been in my school this year: tiring.

It wasn’t this tiring last year! I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve moved to a breaktime playground that’s morefar away from the main building or if it’s because I’ve gotten more books to carry around or if it’s because the IGCSE lessons were hard, but overall it’s very tiring. Even though I just want to flop straight onto my bed every afterschool, I would always stay awake because I know my mum would need my help later on in the evening, especially the time before my dad gets home, where my mum would cook dinner. Oddly enough, I would often stay up until 11 PM or later despite my fatigue – puberty, maybe? And I would regret my decision of staying up because I have to wake up at 6 in the morning five days a week so I’ll have enough time to get ready for school. So if I were to sleep at 11 or 12 at night, then that means I only got 7 to 6 hours of sleep, which is a definite no-no for me.

If my dad were to find out, he’ll definitely start up on his “healthy student lifestyle” speech again.

But I do love sleeping. On Fridays, the first day of the weekend, I would wake up at 9 AM but I would usually laze around in bed until around 10. But since I’ve got stuff to do now – namely “making sure I attend to my Sims’ needs on the iPad” – I’ve resolved on waking up at around 8 o’clock, so I could get the first access to the iPad. Ha-ha! All of that just for a game! But seriously, the game’s kind of addictive.

I don’t think I’ll be doing anything tomorrow. Since I’m finally (kind of) work-free, I’ll probably be continuing on my stories and such. If not, then that means I’ll be studying or out with my family – both are two of the most hated activities by me. Ah, but I have Chemistry homework… Well, it’s not that long, anyway, and I can finish it quickly. The bottome line is, I’ll work on my story if I’m not busy on the weekends. That finished, see you next time!


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